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A house hidden in the basin. "Settlement" from Majorarchitekci

Wiktor Bochenek
28 of November '22

It was built on a slope so as to blend in with the forest surroundings. "Settlement" of the project of Majorarchitekci is a small complex of cottages made of wood, which became a holiday base for a group of friends.

Obok drewna istotnym elementem wnętrza jest czerń Salon

The interior of the cottages is dominated by wood and black

© majorarchitects

"Osada" was located on one of the slopes of the Klodzko Valley. It was created for a group of friends who wanted to create their vacation enclave, where they can relax during their vacations together. They entrusted the creation of the project to Major Architects studio.

All the cottages are identical. They are accessed by a wooden and stone staircase wildly overgrown with greenery. The difficult terrain required exposing the structural part of the pillars growing out of the ground, painted black. The wooden houses were joined by an unusual structure in the form of terraces, distinguished by the way they were finished, as well as by the shape of the structure. The terraces create the impression of being "infinite," perhaps by contrast with the facade of the house.

The interiors of the cottages are not used for year-round living, so they may have been adapted for relaxation purposes. This part, like the facade, is dominated by wood, which is only broken in a few places by the color of black - best seen in the kitchen island composed of square tiles, window frames or kitchen appliances. The small living room, with its large glazing opening onto the landscape, is used primarily for relaxation, so a small amount of furniture centered around the fireplace was relied on here.


living room

© major architekci

Karolina Siewniak of major architekci tells Karolina Siewniak of major architekci about how the idea for "The Settlement" came about, and why the terraces seem docked.

Wiktor Bochenek: How did the idea for "Osada" come about?

Karolina Siewniak (major architekci): The idea for the settlement was born from the need to have a common space for a group of friends who have known each other for years. The place was to meet their needs for mountain exploration, their passion for cycling and their desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The development of the plot of land made it possible to set up both common and more intimate - private- areas.

Victor: "The Settlement" was built on a rather bumpy, hilly terrain. How did this affect the project?

Karolina: The difficult mountainous terrain allowed us to achieve the fully intended effect of the so-called "house in the mountains". At the cost of the difficult implementation, the houses benefited from great exposure, intimacy and purely aesthetic qualities. The use of the houses also requires dedication and fitness, which ensures the active leisure mode the owners dreamed of.

domy zlokalizowane zostały na zboczu Domy zlokalizowane zostały na zboczu

The houses were located on a slope

© major architekci

Wiktor: Where did you get the idea for the extended terraces, giving the impression of being additionally attached to the house?

Karolina: The terraces and their "docking" nature was a fully intended aesthetic and functional move. Their role is extremely important in the functioning of such small houses, since most of the time is spent on them. They act as covered entrance porches equipped with a large outdoor closet. The closet holds "everything" - skis, boots, tools, etc. The canopies, especially in winter, provide an excellent buffer against the entrance to the house.

Wiktor: Was the "Settlement" intended to blend more into the forest landscape, or rather stand out from it?

Karolina: The houses were designed to blend into the forest slope with as little interference with nature as possible. The location on the slope allowed for better contact with the greenery. We also wanted the resulting houses not to disturb the urban planning of the existing village, which is characterized by larger-scale homesteads located along the road. Therefore,we"escaped" with the houses high into the mountains by creating a kind of invisible "shacks." Another aspect was the "energy" benefits. Thanks to being surrounded by trees, the houses are not overheated in the summer, while in the winter - vice versa - the sun greatly assists in heating them.

Small terraces were "attached" to the houses

© major architekci

Wiktor: How was the facade of the building solved?

Karolina: The facade of the building was made of larch. The wood, due to its natural protective properties, has not been protected by anything. The facade is subjected to a process of natural patina, which will affect even greater integration with the surrounding forest.

Victor: What was the most difficult part of this project, and what are you most satisfied with?

Karolina: During the design of the houses we faced a number of difficult, unusual problems. From designing the installation so that it wouldn't freeze in winter while the owners were away, to using galvanized trapezoidal sheet metal and getting rid of the gutters due to the number of deciduous trees.

We are most satisfied that the idea of a joint investment, the way of living, and the use of common spaces worked out and proved to be the answer to the investors' needs.

Victor: Thank you for the interview.

Wiktor Bochenek

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