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A food hall will be built in the Crooked House. The building is expected to be bustling all year round

20 of February '24

Although the Crooked House is a multifunctional building - on the map of Sopot it has gone down mainly as a venue for events. This is about to change, next year the resort's first food hall will be built here.

For some, a symbol of kitsch, for others - an icon of Sopot. Built 20 years ago on Monciak Street, the Crooked House catches the eye with its characteristic wavy facade. It was designed by a team of architects consisting of: Szczepan Szotyński, Maciej Łapkowski, Małgorzata Kruszko-Szotyńska, Leszek Zaleski, Anna Dubicka-Sawicka, Agnieszka Kolka, Robert Mielniczek. The designers were to be inspired by the drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg and the designs of Antonio Gaudi.

And although the project initially provoked heated discussions, it has become part of the landscape of the popular Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street for good. The building is generating interest abroad as well - the BBC portal will put it on its list of "fairy-tale places" alongside buildings such as the Sagrada Familia, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, and fields of tulips in the Netherlands.

Właściciel budynku chce, by miejsce odwiedzały osoby w różnym wieku

The building's owner wants the site to be visited by people of all ages

mat. Rezydent company

image facelift. Crooked House with food hall

Today the Crooked House is home to restaurants, offices, medical offices, a dance school and clubs. But one of the symbols of Sopot will soon undergo a metamorphosis. The owner of the building, the Rezydent company, wants to change the image of the building, which - despite its many functions - has gone down on the map of Sopot mainly as a venue for events.

On the first floor - as early as next year - the first food hall in the resort will be built there. It will include seven food and beverage outlets, a bar on a glass patio and a total of 160 seats on an area of 162 sqm. The building's owner, the Resident Company, intends that this will make the facility vibrant even in the off-season and attract locals and tourists of all ages.

Prace rozpoczną się jesienią tego roku

Work will begin this fall

mat. Rezydent company

- The concept of the Food Hall is not only to offer a unique taste experience, but also to create a space that is vibrant not only in the summer, but all year round, says Edyta Nguyen, director of operations at the Resident Company. - The project responds to the expectations of the local community and the needs of diverse age groups. The planned opening of the Food Hall at the Crooked House is not only a new chapter in the history of this well-known building, but also a step towards making the place accessible to a wide audience.

interiors in a seaside atmosphere

The interiors will be different from those we know from other buildings of this type. The space will be full of seaside motifs.

- Usually the interiors of food halls are arranged in an industrial style, we wanted to refer to Sopot: hence the bright colors, blue, white, wood. We want to start work in autumn, the opening is planned for May 2025. - Edyta Nguyen announces.

The fashion for gastronomic halls to the Tri-City came in 2019. The first one - under the name Słony Spichlerz - opened in Gdansk on Granary Island. Others were built in Gdansk's Galeria Metropolia and the Batory shopping center in Gdynia. The newest food hall - Montownia - opened in 2023 in the historic U-Boot Hall, located in the newly developing Young City district.

Krzywy Domek w Sopocie

Crooked House in Sopot

mat. Rezydent company

Food hall will be built on the first floor of the Crooked House

matt. Rezydent Company

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