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Two worlds: Bielsko-Biala

08 of July '24

Ahead is another episode of a vlog about cities  City Break for Advanced — from Bielsko-Biala! What nooks and crannies of it will Mateusz Zmyślony discover for us this time?

Mateusz Zmyślony is a pioneer of place marketing in Poland and creative director of the Open Eyes Economy Summit congress, who has been telling fascinating stories about various cities on A&B. This time, in the form of vlogs City Break for Advanced, he takes viewers on joint virtual walks through the most interesting nooks and crannies of European cities, suggesting where to spend a weekend or an entire vacation.

a little Vienna?

In the first episode dedicated to Bielsko-Biała, Zmyślony talked about the city's history and its special bond with the mountains.

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In the next part, he focuses on Bielsko as a city of a hundred industries inhabited by extremely enterprising and creative residents  he shows, among other things, the picturesque nooks and crannies around the market square with the extremely photogenic Schodowa Street, and reveals where Kręta Street leads.

Zmyślony also adds information about the city's indispensable ingredient, i.e. art he mentions Bielsko-Biała's BWA, the iconic Banialuka Puppet Theater (a competition was recently held for its new headquarters; if you want to know what the building will look like in the future, look here), the Drawing Film Studio known for its production of "Reksio" or "Bolek and Lolek," and a sign of our times, the futuristic Cavatina Hall.

If you would like to read more about Bielsko-Biala, we encourage you to read Mateusz Zmyślony's article: Two-City Bielsko-Biala

compiled by Ola Kloc

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