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Garden furniture equipped with photovoltaic panels

08 of December '23

Solife is a new brand offering primarily innovative products for outdoor spaces, equipped with one-of-a-kind photovoltaic micro-panels. Our furniture is made of powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum, making it weatherproof and non-corrosive.

Solar energy = new possibilities

Photovoltaic panels, with which coffee tables, high tables, shades and umbrellas, among others, are equipped, open up entirely new possibilities for the use of outdoor furniture. Solar energy allows you to power optional lighting that will give a unique outdoor atmosphere, or allow you to read or work comfortably. Sockets for charging mobile devices and an optional sound system facilitate work and make social gatherings or various outdoor events more pleasant, where access to power is particularly important for participants, such as during music festivals. Also noteworthy is the option to heat the seats in our outdoor sofas. This is the first solution of its kind in the world - panels placed in the tables, which are part of the sofa module, are used to power the heating mats in the seats. As a result, outdoor furniture can also be used comfortably in autumn and winter.

Ławka, stołki i planter z kolekcji Fold – zarówno na zewnątrz jak i do wnętrz.

Bench, stools and planter from the Fold collection - both outdoor and indoor.



Thanks to photovoltaics, our products are powered by clean, green energy that has no negative impact on the environment. The upholstery fabrics we use are Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified, and we design our products to be as decomposable as possible into recyclable parts after use. We pay attention to our carbon footprint, the products we offer are durable and timeless so they can last for many years.

Oświetlenie stołu SPOT zasilane panelem PV znajdującym się u góry.

SPOT table lighting powered by a PV panel at the top.


Comprehensive offer

Our offer mainly includes outdoor furniture, but some of it can also be easily used in interiors - the Fold and Essential collections. We are constantly expanding our assortment, and we offer our products not only to individual customers, but also to the hotel and restaurant sector. We also rent our furniture for various events.

Charakterystyczny i funkcjonalny detal – zintegrowany stolik, kolekcja Core.

Characteristic and functional detail - integrated table, Core collection.



Solife is co-created by award-winning young Polish designers, thanks to whom we can offer not only an innovative product, but also one that is ergonomic and characterized by exceptional aesthetics. Almost all of our suppliers are Polish companies, and production takes place in Karczew, near Warsaw.

Gniazda ładujące i panel PV w stoliku DADO.

Charging sockets and PV panel in the DADO table.


For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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