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Richter Spielgeräte playgrounds dedicated to very demanding customers

08 of December '23

PUCZYÑSKI company - small architecture has existed since 1978.

Our core business is the design and production of small architecture elements. At the turn of the century, we became the leader of the small architecture market in Poland and we continue to set trends. In addition to recognizable, distinctive and distinctive design, parameters such as:

  • Functionality - thoughtful technical solutions guarantee user satisfaction for many years.

  • Safety - the resultant of proven solutions and reliable materials used.

  • Materials - it is to their uncompromising selection that we owe our reputation and the unquestionable quality and durability of our products.

  • Details - it is they that build our recognizable and appreciated style.

Park nad Świdrem w Józefowie

Park on the Swider River in Józefów


We invite you to familiarize yourself with a long list of references. Several thousand implementations, exclusively for demanding customers at home and abroad, are confirmations of the quality of the products we offer. A negligible number of complaints and excellent warranty and post-warranty service ensure long and satisfactory operation. We manufacture exclusively to order. This gives us ideal opportunities to combine your expectations with our capabilities.

The individual, original style of the products created in our company, combined with production from scratch, gives unlimited possibilities for the creation of new collections or modernization of existing ones.

Ogród Niebiański w Krakowie

Heavenly Garden in Krakow


PLAY PLACES Richter Spielgeräte GmbH

Properly designed playgrounds enable children to develop properly intellectually, emotionally and in terms of movement, while creating conditions for recreation for representatives of other age groups (youth, adults, seniors).

Our company offers distinctive, original playground equipment from the renowned Richter Spielgeräte company dedicated to very demanding customers. The manufacturer places an emphasis on usable quality, universal form of designs and the highest safety standards confirmed by TÜV SÜD certification. Most of Richter's models were created in close cooperation with internationally recognized designers. The development and implementation of the designs into production is overseen by a team of engineers focused on achieving the highest possible quality, while maintaining the inspiring, natural form and rustic character of the appliances. This work is based on years of experience in materials processing, and the company's community playground, is a reliable "testing ground" where each new model is meticulously tested even before it is introduced into the catalog.

Park Dąbie w Szczecinie

Park Dąbie in Szczecin


Our products guarantee high educational value, safety, easy operation while respecting the environment. We offer assistance in planning and implementation of play space. Consistently developed, comprehensive knowledge, allows us to constantly improve the standards of our products and solutions, which determines that we are a competent partner in the creation of playgrounds and recreational spaces. We invite architects to cooperate in the creation of typical implementations and the most unusual playground projects.

SOSW przy ul. Niecałej w Krakowie

SOSW at ul. Niecałej in Krakow


For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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