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INFIRE bio-fireplaces adapted to different locations and applications

08 of December '23

Manufacturer of bio-fireplaces, which has been on the market since 2010

How does a bio-fireplace work? Bio-fireplaces are eco-fuel fireplaces that are powered by liquid fuel - bioethanol. This is an alcohol-based fuel that burns almost completely and odorlessly - the only products in this reaction are mainly water vapor and trace amounts of carbon dioxide, so this product is safe and virtually odorless. In addition to the atmosphere created by a real flame, bio-fireplaces can raise the temperature of a room by several degrees, making them an additional source of heat completely independent of electricity or gas. The length of the fire line itself depends on the model and its size, nowadays it can reach from 450 mm to as much as 1,500 mm, which creates as much as 1.5 meters of space with a live fire.

Biokominek INCOZA 1

Bio-fireplace INCOZA 1


INFIRE - bio-fireplaces for every interior and garden.

Our offer includes different types of bio-fireplaces, adapted to different places and applications. There are currently four product lines: INFIRE, SIMPLEFIRE, SLIMFIRE and OUTFIRE (garden fireplaces). We have free-standing, pendant, wall-mounted, pipe-mounted bio-fireplaces and inserts for mounting in a hole. In addition to typical wall-mounted fireplaces, we have created interesting INCOZA models, imitating a real "goat" type stove, and the INCYRCLE collection with a 70 cm diameter circle in three versions to choose from: on a pipe hanging from the ceiling, with a wheel mounted to the wall, and in a free-standing version with a wheel on a leg, which is perfect for summer use on the terrace. In addition, excellent solutions are portal bio-fireplaces, combining classic with ambience (INPORTAL 1, INPORTAL 2), as well as simple bio-fireplaces with a geometric shape, easy to carry - SIMPLEBOX type in various sizes. We have models of bio-fireplaces for houses, apartments, apartments. We give you the opportunity to have the magic of a real fire in places where it was previously impossible. Bio-fireplaces do not need to be connected to ventilation systems, so they can be located anywhere.

Biokominek 2SIDE 600 SLIM

Bio-fireplace 2SIDE 600 SLIM


We also manufacture customized bio-fireplaces to individual customer specifications, all under the guidance of experienced designers. Infire is a direct manufacturer with its own production and technological line, our products are designed and manufactured fully in Poland. For all our bio-fireplace burners we have a TÜV certificate, which is responsible for the safety and quality of the products. We follow new trends and fashions, so new collections appear every year. Recently, a line of SLIM fireplaces was created with a very modern simple form, with a characteristic delicate small narrow frame, which, together with a black burner and thick elegant tempered glass, creates a unique and beautiful body. At the same time, in recent months, we have been tempted to expand our offerings with outdoor wood-burning fireplaces - this is how the OUTFIRE line was created.

We create our bio-fireplaces and garden hearths with passion and with the belief that nothing is impossible.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on PdA.

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