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Buglo playgrounds - more options, more fun.

08 of December '23

Buglo playgrounds not only give joy and develop the little ones. They also delight with design! The leader among Polish playground manufacturers has created an Individual Projects Team, which transforms the creative visions of architects and those responsible for public spaces into functional children's spaces.

Jacek Mamel, Sales Director at Buglo, talks about what contributed to the expansion of the offer, how the team can help architects and where the limit of creativity is.

Plac zabaw Ellipsum w Ukrainie

Ellipsum playground in Ukraine


Why was the Custom Design Team created?

The motto of the new team is "Let "s make more fun!". We had noticed for some time that there was a great demand for projects outside the mainstream. More and more of our clients were looking for solutions beyond standard products. Sometimes it was because the area of the future playground was too small for a particular piece of equipment, sometimes an unusual color version was needed or a particular piece of equipment needed to be changed. These types of modifications became so necessary that we decided to separate separate teams to deal with unusual projects. What is important - these are not only modifications of devices that were already in our offer.

Statek z serii Robinia Play na Cyprze

A ship from the Robinia Play series in Cyprus


And what else?

It's also completely new customized projects. The Customized Projects team consists of a sales manager, a graphic designer and a designer. The manager carefully studies the client's needs and oversees the design work. The graphic designer creates a visual concept, which the designer turns into a workable and producible design. The combination of these competencies makes it possible to create something completely new. All taking into account safety standards and design, which has always been Buglo's hallmark, but also functionality to support children's development.

Zestaw z serii Mega w Warszawie

A set from the Mega series in Warsaw


In what aspect can the Custom Design Team support architects in their work?

We support architects in turning their creative visions into reality. Those who have worked with us so far have previously not had the opportunity to create something they have been thinking about for a long time, but which has not been on the market before. Now it is within reach. The new Buglo team, within 2 to 5 days of sending a request, presents a preliminary design and a quotation, and once the client accepts it, gets down to design work. That's time that no one else can guarantee.

Is each of such architect's concepts without exception feasible?

If the technology and design assumptions allow for a design that complies with safety standards, then by all means yes. We have an uncompromising approach to this aspect of playgrounds at Buglo. Play can be unconventional, but it must always be safe.

Wieże z serii Mega w Barwicach

Mega series towers in Barwice


How many such projects are created?

The team launched in May and had its hands full from the first month. After 6 months of work we had almost 500 projects to our credit. We are not resting on our laurels and believe that the most interesting challenges are still ahead of us.

Does this mean that Buglo will change its approach to designing spaces for children in a few years?

It will be a dream come true! Standard playgrounds are, of course, extremely important in children's motor or sensory development. Innovative designs additionally allow children to broaden their horizons and experience going outside the box. This awakens curiosity, which is very important in the development of a young person.

Jacek Mamel, Dyrektor Handlowy Buglo (Polska)

Jacek Mamel, Sales Director Buglo (Poland)


To cooperate with the Individual Projects Team, just contact the Buglo Sales Department and present your concept.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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