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City break in Lublin! A subjective guide by Mateusz Zmyślony

22 of February '24

Looking for an idea for an urban city break? A handful of inspiration is brought to us by Mateusz Zmyślony in his new vlog series on cities  City Break for Advanced!

For nearly two years in the pages of A&B, Mateusz Zmyślony, a pioneer of place marketing in Poland and creative director of the Open Eyes Economy Summit congress, has been taking us on journeys through Polish (and other) big cities. In the next series, his expeditions took a new form walking tours of European cities together.

visual story

Zmyślony at the end of 2023 set off on a journey around Europe in his camper van with the graceful name "Nomad", from where he creates, as he says, a visual story around the city, full of interesting places and related stories spiced with narration by the guide.

The ambition of the video guide is to inspire travel and encourage later personal discovery of the 'seen' cities in the so-called real world explains the idea of Mateusz Zmyślony.  Certainly, the vlog is also interesting for the residents of the discovered cities themselves  it's worth seeing how we are subjectively seen by others. In this case, the host of the program is a peculiar person on the one hand a great enthusiast of cities as a socio-economic-historical-urban-architectural phenomenon. And since an enthusiast the story about the city here will usually be enthusiastic as well cities of less interest "Nomad" intends to simply avoid. On the other hand, perhaps even more important than enthusiasm taking on the role of a city guide, I intend to make full use of my professional experience: having written more than a hundred strategies for a multitude of Polish cities and regions, I think it's time to share everything that has piled up in my head so far in urban topics he adds.

first stop  Lublin

The City Break for Advanced vlog series is inaugurated with a guide to Lublin. Are you curious about what to see while in this city? What secrets does Lublin hide? How did it come to be a medieval hub of luxury? What can't be described, but must be seen? Why is it worth going to the Night of Culture in Lublin? Mateusz Zmyślony tells about all this:

If you would like to read more about this unique city, we encourage you to read Mateusz Zmyślony's article: Lublin. A fascinating hub of luxury

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