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Ceiling tile compositions inspired by Mondrian's art

18 of November '22

Ecophon Master Eg ceiling system.
From the series "Modern office buildings - trends 2022".

The style of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian is known to everyone. Characteristic, symmetrical lines can perfectly fit into the design of virtually any interior - including the office. The real masterpiece, however, is the combination of that art with functionality.

The twentieth-century avant-garde undoubtedly brought the world new ways of perceiving many things. In interior design, it caused a concrete turn that ushered in new aesthetic trends. In turn, one of the most famous representatives of the trend, Piet Mondrian, became a kind of brand. Every time someone sees his abstract works, they know they are by him. The geometric lines and colors are like the painter's autograph. And it is this brilliant simplicity that has made architects extremely eager to incorporate the artist's style into contemporary interiors.

What for some may be a boring wall or ceiling, for others will be a kind of canvas, ready to create an interesting composition. That's how the Mondrian mosaic on the ceiling in the Kinnarps office in Wroclaw was created, which not only pleases the eye of employees, but also provides acoustic comfort in the room. The office was fitted with the Ecophon Master Eg acoustic system, which offers the possibility of creating interesting geometric layouts and, thanks to its excellent sound absorption properties, eliminates unwanted noise in the room.

Kinnarps Wrocław

Kinnarps Wroclaw

© Ecophon

I was inspired by the beauty of the lines, the relationship between them and the possibilities of this product, because Master Eg allows arrangements like this," says Marcin Cieśla, the architect responsible for the design of the Kinnarps office. - Anoffice must have an energy in it that is able to stimulate the creativity of the occupant. That's why it's our job as interior architects to create work spaces that are energetic and inspiring. However, this is not the only aspect we take into account. A modern interior must also provide the right conditions for work - including acoustic ones. So it is good to reach for a product that allows for an original and distinctive design, while at the same time meeting the acoustic standards in force in design. Master Eg is just such a product, which, as you can see, worked perfectly in this Mondrian ceiling concept," he adds.

* * *

The Warsaw Norblin Factory was home to the office of ISS, a leading brand in the creation of friendly workplaces and comprehensive services in the area of facility management. The designed office had to reflect the company's profile, as well as be functional, modern, and provide comfort for every employee. This facility also used the Ecophon Master Eg system, but in a slightly different layout. Tiles with black-painted edges and hidden structure were arranged in modular repetitive layouts. The end result is incredibly impressive, and the systems' properties provide acoustic comfort for all office workers.

ICC, Fabryka Norblina

ISS, Norblin Factory

© Ecophon

The implemented Ecophon products were a perfect fit with the modern design of the ISS Hub. At the same time, they made it possible to take care of good speech intelligibility in the conference rooms and ensure discretion and freedom of work in the open space of the office (the so-called open space). ISS employees appreciate and praise the comfort in their workplace," stresses Jan Pawlik, Workplace Management Director at ISS.

* * *

In the offices of the Family Group, the Ecophon Maste Eg ceiling system in the dark color Silk Slate was used.

biuro rodzinnej firmy Grupa Familijna

office of the family-owned company Family Group

© Ecophon

When creating the new offices, we had a consistent vision from the beginning. We wanted who we are and how we operate to emphasize our tradition and commitment. At the same time, we wanted the office to be as comfortable as possible for our employees," says the owner, Witold Kowalczyk. - So, together with the designers, we took care of such elements as friendly and modern decor, as well as proper acoustics and soundproofing of the rooms. We perform various tasks during the day, some of which require full concentration and creativity, so we decided to install soundproofing systems in the office to provide acoustic comfort for employees, he adds.

* * *

Each of these projects is different, each has a different designer, with a different vision and purpose. What unites them is the Ecophon Master Eg ceiling system, which, with its wide range of colors and layout options, gives each interior a personal touch. Ecophon Master Eg tiles have black-painted edges, which further achieves a floating ceiling effect. The system's excellent sound-absorbing properties help ensure acoustic comfort for users regardless of their work.

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