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Air conditioning, ventilation, heating - technologies 2022

16 of September '22

Air conditioning, ventilation, heating - technologies 2022

Problems related to heating, air conditioning, as well as taking care of good ventilation, are among the most important topics of discussion in connection with the global situation or progressive climate change. The right choice of equipment will allow us to save not only money, but also time to solve problems. We invite you to review the latest heat pumps, radiators, air conditioners, recuperators and fans!

air conditioner in beige color

Starting with air conditioning equipment - it is worth thinking about it already at the planning stage of renovation or construction of the house. LG's Artcool Beige room air conditioner, in addition to basic functions, also includes an air ionizer and UVnano technology - allowing you to remove bacteria from the space of your house or apartment.

Artcool Beige - klimatyzator pokojowy typu RAC

© LG Electronics Polska

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adapted to the conditions

Few people know that air conditioners are not only used to cool rooms, but also to heat them. Not every air conditioner can heat, but those from the Daikin brand have this capability. When choosing an air conditioner, it is worth noting whether it is adapted for cold conditions, like Daikin COLD.

Daikin COLD

© Daikin

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Can we heat an apartment with an air conditioner

Air conditioning is still associated by many of us with friendly coolness on hot days. However, not everyone knows that Gree air conditioners are - from a technological point of view - air-to-air heat pumps. Heat is extracted from the room and, thanks to the work of the heat pump - transferred to the air outside.

Amber Prestige

© Gree

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air conditioners for interiors in any style

Can the shape of the air conditioner be adapted to the interior? Absolutely, especially when the choice of air conditioners is wide enough. The Rotenso brand is distinguished by the way it thinks of air conditioning units not only as an essential piece of equipment, but also as interior decoration. In this way, we can choose the right


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responsible heat control

Heating and lighting costs are a huge part of home maintenance bills, which is a key issue for investors. It is worth thinking about solutions that will help minimize energy consumption. SALUS Controls offers energy-saving devices that allow automation to be controlled wirelessly.

SALUS Control

© SALUS Control

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new generation heat pumps

Heat pumps are growing in popularity. They are a modern and energy-efficient source of heat, which is used both in newly built buildings and houses, as well as those being modernized. Air-to-water units, which are Gree Versati, draw heat from the environment and force a heat flow opposite to the natural one.

Pompy ciepła Free Polska

© Gree Polska

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radiators that combine perfectly with heat pumps

Optimal heat production should be accompanied by optimal heat distribution. Our Home should provide thermal comfort and thermal security for the entire family. If you decide to use a heat pump, it is advisable to change the radiators. Modern Regulus brand installations work well in combination with heat pumps.


© Regulus

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all in one place

Mechanical ventilation with recuperation in single-family houses and apartments is a solution that more and more private investors are opting for. Having a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery is an excellent solution to improve air quality, which is provided by Lindab's system.

© Lindab

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cooking in perfect silence

A fan seems to be the norm in every kitchen today. Unfortunately, very often many models become very noisy, causing a lack of acoustic comfort. The solution is to mount the fan outside. The solution created by Uniwersal allows you to maintain quality without unnecessary excess sound.

Wentylator dachowy Vero-150, cicha praca okapów kuchennych

© Uniwersal

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without a box outside

Does the air conditioner always have to be tied to the external part give heat to the outside? The Monoklima brand specializes in the promotion and distribution of specific air conditioners without an outdoor unit - the available products allow both cooling and reheating of rooms.

© monoklima

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Monoklima, or all in one device

combining cooling and heating

Is it possible to combine heating and cooling functions in one facility? Purmo's elegant Vido S2 fan coil unit is a functional solution for people who endure the heat badly and need even cooling of the entire room, and pleasant warmth in winter.

© Purmo

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VIDO S2 fan coil - heating and cooling in one device

image giving heat

Can a house be heated with an image? Radiant heaters work as heat accumulators warming all partitions in the building. They are characterized by easy installation, high mobility, energy efficiency, and low operating costs. Radiant heaters by Rotal can be ceramic or using any graphic design.

© Rotal

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a control panel tailored to your needs

A central air handling unit is a necessary component of any major facility. VBW Engineering offers the possibility of customizing and individualizing the air handling unit according to the customer's needs. The company offers air handling units in pool, hygienic and explosion-proof standards.

© VBW Engineering

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preventing freezing

In harsh winter conditions, it is worthwhile to ensure that roofs, roads and pipes are properly protected against freezing. Raychem offers electric self-regulating heating cables to offset the negative effects of harsh winter conditions.


© Raychem

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