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Outdoor spaces – trends 2023

21 of July '23

Outdoor spaces – trends 2023

Summer is in full swing — days are longer and warmer, so we are more willing to spend our free time outdoors. Which outdoor spaces do we feel most comfortable in? Avoiding urban heat islands, for example, we choose places with paving that helps rainwater retention, and wanting to relax after a long walk — spaces with comfortable urban furniture. Join us for an overview of design trends for outdoor spaces.

feel at home

Urban furniture doesn't have to be boring! Czech company Egoé has a variety of solutions to make public spaces feel like home. The brand encourages you to bring design to the streets in the form of stylish benches, comfortable tables and even cleanliness-preserving steel trash cans.

Seria Barka

© Egoé

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a combination of advantages

The right choice of paving around buildings has an impact on the aesthetics of the space and its functionality. However, let's not forget the ecological aspects, using water-permeable solutions. An example of this type of paving can be HYDROPlus® pavers available from Bruk-Bet.

Kostki brukowe wodoprzepuszczalne HYDROPlus®

© Bruk-Bet

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surfaces that let water through

Why do streets sink during heavy rainfall? One of the reasons is impermeable pavements. The solution to this problem is offered by GalaProdukt, which has systems (EcoRaster and EcoBloxx) to create load-bearing pavements that also allow water to pass through to the ground.


© GalaProdukt

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functionality and durability

Durable, robust, resistant to changing weather conditions, easy to clean and, thanks to an even surface and non-slip structure, a safe terrace will help create paving blocks available in the Pebia brand. The choice of various shapes, colors and patterns allows you to create a terrace tailored to individual preferences.

Produkty marki Pebia

© Pebia

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around the building

Fences are also an element of outdoor spaces. A wide range of systems and colors is offered by the JONIEC brand proposing, among others, easy to install modular fences made of blocks, systems that imitate natural stone (for example, the GORC® fencing system) or modern concrete spans (KOMBO®).

Ogrodzenie ROMA Mega


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well laid

On the terrace and facade, on the path and stairs, by the pool and fountain — porcelain stoneware tile paving will work everywhere. The solution available from the Libet brand retains its qualities even with intensive use and has a high anti-slip coefficient.

płyty ceramiczne z gresu porcelanowego

© Libet

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concrete in a new version

Precious concrete that contributes to a significant reduction in smog (Aria series)? Slabs (Indigo Prato, Promenada Prato, Indigo Bello) that support the reduction of urban heat islands thanks to their high solar reflectance? Innovative fine concrete products are available from the DASAG brand.

Walczące ze smogiem płyty z serii Aria, Folkwang Muzeum w Essen

© Dasag

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