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Why use ceramic stoneware tiles?

17 of June '23

Outdoor spaces – trends 2023

On the terrace and facade, on the path and steps, by the pool and fountain. Porcelain stoneware tiles are a top-notch surfacing solution for landscaping the environment. How to take advantage of their qualities?

stylish solutions

Thanks to a wide range of visual effects inspired by the natural beauty of wood, stone or the atmospheric rawness of concrete, it is very easy to match them to any style of surroundings and visually connect individual zones.

płyty ceramiczne z gresu porcelanowego

porcelain stoneware tiles

© Libet

an arrangement for years

Resistance to moisture, stains, chemicals, loads or abrasion ensures that the tiles retain their aesthetic and practical qualities even with very intensive use — without additional maintenance.

safe and comfortable

The high anti-slip coefficient and practically zero absorption make porcelain stoneware successfully used also in such sensitive areas as fountains or surfaces around swimming pools.

płyty ceramiczne z gresu porcelanowego

porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles

© Libet

well laid

Ceramic tiles can be laid on the ground, fixed with adhesive or special drainage mortar. They also work well as ventilated terraces mounted on convenient and stable supports.

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