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Luxury Hotel Seidorf in Sosnówka - An Oasis of Tranquility in the Heart of the Karkonosze Mountains

19 of June '23

A picturesquely located hotel surrounded by forests, offering exclusive rooms, spectacular views and a relaxing spa, ideal for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Intimate, charmingly located amidst forests, Hotel Seidorf ***** in Sosnówka near Karpacz is a luxurious retreat in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains. It was created away from the main roads and the hustle and bustle of the city from the Hainbergshöh Hotel, which existed years ago (which translated means the Peak of the Grove Mountain).

The building is located 670 meters above sea level on Kazalnica Hill. It has been restored with great care and respect for history and architecture, making it a true pearl of the region and the Polish hotel industry. The Seidorf Hotel *****, which is part of the Seidorf Mountain Resort, is one of the most beautifully located tourist facilities in Poland. It is surrounded on all sides by beautiful views of the Karkonosze range, the Sosnówka Reservoir, the Jeleniogórska Valley and the Sokole Mountains, which guests admire from the windows and balconies of the exclusive rooms. The hotel has only 27 rooms, which creates the intimacy of the facility guaranteeing guests rest and relaxation at the highest level. Among other things, guests can rest during relaxing treatments, massages and rituals in the Seidorf Spa and Wellness area.

In order to achieve such high quality, not only such elements as the hotel's furnishings had to be taken care of during the renovation, but also, among other things, the extremely carefully designed and manufactured window woodwork. It is thanks to its size that the hotel has a richly illuminated interior, which exudes warmth thanks to both the interesting design and the size of the glazing used here. When rebuilding the building, the owners were keen on energy efficiency to guarantee comfortable use, low bills as well as proper building physics and ecological operation of the building. It was not easy to meet the high requirements of the owner Mr. Krzysztof Pleszewski to combine the size and aesthetics with the quality and high insulation of energy-efficient windows. What helped here was the SWISSPACER warm spacer used in the double-glazed unit, which protects the edge of the glass from the negative effects of thermal bridging. - I did not know that this relatively small window element would help increase the thermal parameters of the woodwork and at the same time reduce the phenomenon of water vapor condensation on the edge of wooden windows," said Mr. Krzysztof Pleszewski, adding, "I followed the advice of Mr. Przemek Biegus from BIEGUS Okna company, who suggested that this is an indispensable element of modern woodwork, thanks to which the phenomenon of cold will disappear, which will provide our guests with comfortable conditions.

Made with meticulous care, the window joinery was created with a number of components, including Glassolutions insulated glass equipped with SWISSPACER warm spacers.

The Seidorf Hotel ***** is one of the best places to relax where you can completely unwind at the hotel's spa, discover the fullness of flavor at the Szyszka Restaurant, or choose more active activities. In winter, Seidorf Mountain Resort gives its guests access to the ski slope in Borowice, and in spring it will offer a visit to the rope park on its premises. The Resort in Sosnówka will not be short of attractions in the form of a bonfire zone, a cinema room, as well as a room and playground for the youngest. In this place every guest will find the comfort of relaxation.

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