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It's time for an eco-revolution in the production of fine concrete!

04 of July '23

Outdoor spaces – trends 2023

Times and trends are constantly changing, and with them the approach to designing a functional public space. Today's architects are concerned not only with creating buildings that will impress with extraordinary aesthetics, but above all will improve the quality of life and be the best choice for the environment.

This makes ecological solutions cease to be a mere curiosity and become a strong trend and commitment for the architectural industry. Not surprisingly, the trend for sustainable construction, which responds to modern environmental needs and social demands, is now reigning supreme. In addition to this, the approach to the production of building materials, including fine concrete, is also changing.

Donica w kompleeksie biurowym Poznań - Ataner

A flower pot in an office complex Poznań - Ataner


Green solutions for public spaces

Urban development poses new challenges for the architecture industry; it is now most important to take care of the health and well-being of residents, as well as to minimize negative climate change or excessive consumption of natural resources.

In addition to this, regulations are also changing. New guidelines are emerging every now and then, posing new challenges for architects and developers. In addition, public awareness is also advancing; consumers are becoming more educated and expect green solutions that improve the quality of life and positively impact the local environment.

Fortunately, meeting new expectations and challenges is possible thanks to the rapid development of modern technology, which make it possible to create innovative building materials that were previously undreamed of.

Ogrodzenie z betonu szlachetnego o podwyższonym SRI

SRI-enhanced noble concrete fence


Precious concrete — the foundation for ecological change

There is no denying it, the future of architecture and construction is ecology; the design of new buildings must respond to current needs, serve us and future generations.

So there is tremendous pressure to use only the best materials and materials to design a pro-environmental, functional public space.

Such solutions are provided by the DASAG brand, the undisputed leader in innovative solutions for the construction industry. For years, it has been producing high-end fine concrete products that, in addition to being reliable and following the latest trends - make much more possible.

It turns out that their use in the outdoor space can bring a number of positive changes, such as reducing urban heat islands and effectively combating smog. As a result, the future-oriented DASAG brand is actively supporting the sustainable development of Polish and European cities.

Tężnie solankowe na promenadzie w Świnoujsciu + ekologiczne płyty Dasag

Brine graduation towers on the promenade in Swinoujscie + ecological Dasag panels


Concrete slabs that care for the environment

The DASAG brand, is entering a new era of sustainable architecture — offering modern products that are fully based on ecology. It is breaking the traditional approach to concrete and launching innovative products that respond brilliantly to today's needs and challenges.

It places great emphasis on cutting-edge technologies and production methods, thus creating slabs of fine concrete that are more eco-friendly than ever before.

One such product is the Aria series. These are specially designed slabs for outdoor use that have nanocrystalline titanium dioxide TiO2 on their surface, which exhibits salutary effects on the air we breathe. It cleanses it of toxins, thus contributing to a significant reduction in smog.

Walczące ze smogiem płyty z serii Aria - Folkwang muzeum w Essen

Smog-fighting tiles from the Aria series - Folkwang museum in Essen


In addition to this, the DASAG brand has another eco-friendly product; Indigo Prato, Promenada Prato and Indigo Bello slabs, which have a high solar reflectance index (SRI). This makes these concrete slabs not absorb the heat emitted by the sun, which contributes to reducing the urban heat island. Their application over a large area (such as terraces or rooftops) brings great benefits. It can help combat the problem of perpetually hot cities, and significantly reduce the costs associated with cooling buildings.

DASAG's innovative fine concrete products not only fit perfectly into the green building trend, but, above all, are a real answer to the growing demand for environmentally friendly products. Their use in public spaces and residential construction opens up entirely new opportunities for designers, developers and building managers.

For more information, visit the company's PROBET-DASAG Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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