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Air conditioning, ventilation, heating, photovoltaics – solutions, trends 2023

07 of September '23

Air conditioning, ventilation, heating, photovoltaics—solutions, trends 2023

Air conditioning, ventilation, heating and photovoltaics are key elements that affect the living comfort and energy efficiency of our homes. Solutions that not only provide optimal conditions, but are also environmentally friendly and harmoniously fit into the aesthetics of the interior, are the key to a better future. Together, let's discover what news and trends await us in this rapidly growing industry. Join us for a review we have prepared.

Air quality and well-being

Today's lifestyle means that much of the activity is concentrated indoors. Therefore, it is important to take care of indoor air quality, which will affect our health and sense of well-being. Vents mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is a technology that provides fresh air while recovering heat energy. Ventilation systems help maintain proper humidity and temperature levels and monitor air quality.

We współczesnym stylu życia, zdrowe i czyste powietrze w pomieszczeniach nabiera kluczowego znaczenia

© Vents

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Always fresh air

Modern and environmentally friendly construction must meet strict building standards, including effective air exchange. However, what kind of ventilation to choose? Specialists from Lindab Polska will help in the selection of appropriate ventilation systems and recuperators, offering, among others, energy-efficient Salda fans, recuperators of the British brand Vent-Axia with an intuitive controller, or the proprietary Direct Vent manifold ventilation system, as well as SPIRO pipes.

rekuperacja - wentylacja

© Lindab Polska

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Perforated metal sheets and ventilation

Thanks to their properties such as air clearance and air permeability, PERFOPOL perforated sheets have found application in ventilation projects for buildings, rooms and halls, contributing to improved air quality, energy efficiency and design aesthetics. They also have the advantage of infinite design possibilities, allowing architects to experiment with different colors, patterns and perforation shapes to create unique realizations.

Blachy perforowane pomagają w wentylacji i zacienieniu budynków


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Subsidizing heat pumps

Choosing ecological devices that work for our comfort is a guarantee of living in harmony with nature, but also long-term savings. A guide to the selection of subsidy programs for those wishing to install a heat pump has been prepared by KAISAI of the Klima-Therm group, which for years has been providing innovative and environmentally friendly equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation, including low-emission heat pumps using renewable energy sources.

Dofinansowanie do pompy ciepła

© KAISAI Klima-Therm, source: Adobe Stock

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Economical and efficient heating

To heat your home economically, it is worth choosing a modern and environmentally friendly heat source, such as a condensing boiler or heat pump. Termet condensing boilers offer high efficiency due to the condensation effect and a wide range of power modulation, which translates into lower heating costs. The Termet Heat pump can be integrated with other heat sources to save energy and care for the environment.

Jak ogrzewać dom?


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Modern solutions

Monoblock heat pumps make installation easy and do not require specialized authorization. The Viessmann Invisible system makes it possible to hide the entire heating and ventilation system behind a decorative building. On the other hand, the combination of a heat pump with recuperation provides efficient ventilation, and the Vitoclima 300-S multisplit air conditioning system allows comfortable cooling of multiple rooms simultaneously. These are modern solutions that combine efficiency with space and energy savings.

Nowa generacja pomp ciepła Vitocal w niezwykle efektywny sposób wykorzystuje energię otoczenia do ogrzewania i chłodzenia budynku

© Viessmann

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Designer air conditioning

Trends in air conditioning are evolving, paying attention not only to efficiency, but also to design. Toshiba offers air conditioners that can be personalized with different material upholstery to match the style of the interior. Matte finishes are becoming increasingly popular, with companies such as Daikin offering air conditioners in white and black matte. If you're looking for inspiration and tips on how to choose an air conditioner, check out Clima Polska's offer.

Oczyszczacze Daikin

© Clima Polska

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Stylish ventilation

DARCO Ventlab offers aesthetically pleasing ASV anemostats designed in cooperation with ERGO Design and made of durable materials. These functional ventilation elements fit perfectly into modern interiors, ensuring quiet operation and easy installation. Thanks to special solutions, they can be installed both as supply and exhaust air. In addition, ASV anemostats have a plate rotation lock, eliminating the need for frequent adjustment.

Anemostaty są montowane nie tylko ze względów praktycznych, ale też wizualnych - pełnią funkcję dekoracyjną

© DARCO Ventlab

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Modular aluminum radiators

Replacing steel or cast iron radiators with modular aluminum radiators is economical and environmentally friendly. KFA Armatura brand aluminum radiators save water and energy by heating up faster and giving off heat more efficiently. They can be combined with old copper installations and have a long warranty. In addition, their attractive design allows them to match different interior styles. KFA Armatura brand radiators are available in many colors and shapes.

Miedziany grzejnik ADR 500 świetnie wpasuje we wnętrza w kolorach ziemi

© KFA Armatura

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invisible from the outside

Is it possible to omit the external component, still having a functional air conditioner? Monoklima brand specializes in the promotion and distribution of specific air conditioners without an outdoor unit. The available products allow both cooling and reheating of rooms in buildings where it is impossible or difficult to install a standard solution with an outdoor unit. Monoclima—air-to-air monoblocks (compacts), the most popular, need direct access to the outside air (usually the outside wall).

MONOKLIMA - klimatyzatory niewidoczne z zewnątrz


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Modern quality

Radiant heaters from Rotal are very efficient — just 43W to heat 1 square meter. Infrared heat is healthy. Infrastructure costs during installation are also reduced. We then save on installation and maintenance work. It is a very simple solution — just connect it to the power supply. Choosing the right heat source is a key thing when decorating your four corners. Radiant heaters from Rotal are an interesting solution — why should you consider them when creating your space?

Produkty marki Rotal

© Rotal

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