Heating season is coming — replace radiators and save!

23 of August '23

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Summer is unfortunately slowly coming to an end, we are returning from vacation, the kids will go to school, and hot water will be in the radiators in a moment to heat our homes and apartments. This is the last call to upgrade your heating system before the coming winter. If you have steel or cast iron radiators, it is worth replacing them with modular aluminum radiators. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all for economic reasons—because it is a cost-effective solution, which also translates into ecology.

Z grzejnikiem aluminiowym oszczędzasz wodę, energię i pieniądze.

With an aluminum radiator you save water, energy and money.

© KFA Armatura

Replacing radiators is easy!

Certainly, many of us are terrified by the thought of renovation—dust, dirt and fuss. However, replacing radiators can be simple if we bet on the right solutions. Bottom-connected aluminum radiators make it easy to install a new radiator in place of the old one. The patented design that the KFA Armatura brand has on offer not only makes the replacement less of a hassle, but also makes the final effect more visually appealing, as the pipes disappear from the wall. This solution is available in four different variants: right or left, and with straight or angle connection—each with a standard connection spacing of 50 mm. Using such a radiator, we will efficiently insert it in place of the current one and already from the new season we will be able to enjoy savings.

Opatentowane przez KFA Armatura dolne podłączenie umożliwia łatwy montaż grzejnika

The bottom connection patented by KFA Armatura allows easy installation of the radiator

© KFA Armatura

Importantly, KFA Armatura aluminum radiators can be connected to an installation with copper pipes, which is important in older buildings. Although, as a rule, aluminum can be subject to corrosion when reacting with copper, proper protection during production completely eliminates this problem. The anaphoresis process used by KFA Armatura means that the brand's aluminum radiators are well protected against the destructive effects of cor rosion and there is no risk of loss of tightness, even when connected to copper installations.

With an aluminum radiator you save

For starters, water. Only 3 liters of water flows in a 10-part aluminum radiator, which is much less than is needed by cast iron radiators or steel panel radiators of similar size.

In addition, energy, because an aluminum radiator is much lighter than a steel radiator of the same heating power so it heats up faster and gives off heat energy. We save energy, pay less bills and have higher thermal comfort.

And even more savings...

...right after energy savings, it is worth mentioning other financial benefits: aluminum radiators from KFA Armatura have up to 20 years of warranty, which, per year of use, gives even half the price of steel radiators with a 10-year warranty period. This is worth taking into account, as it also saves nerves. If we know that the manufacturer offers a long warranty period, we can rest assured.

Thermal comfort counts

Radiators are first and foremost supposed to heat, right? Aluminum is a material that heats up quickly and gives off heat energy, so an aluminum radiator heats up several times faster than a steel plate or cast iron radiator of similar power and as much as a dozen times faster than underfloor heating. Radiators made of a combination of aluminum alloys conduct heat better than steel radiators.

Whether you opt for an aluminum or steel radiator, remember that thermal comfort is also greatly influenced by thermostatic heads, which provide more convenient control of radiator temperature.

Miedziany grzejnik ADR 500 świetnie wpasuje we wnętrza w kolorach ziemi

ADR 500 copper radiator will fit perfectly into interiors in earth colors

© KFA Armatura

Appearance also matters

Aluminum radiator available off-the-shelf in a variety of colors and shapes. You can easily choose the perfect radiator to match different design styles: from quite classic, through Scandinavian simplicity, to expressive loft designs. The classic white radiator will work well in many interiors, the graphite version of KFA Armatura radiators with an interesting texture is a good choice for loft interiors, while the brand's black models will be ideal for modern designs. And for the brave and those who appreciate unconventional solutions, the ADR 500 radiator in copper color will be an excellent choice.

For more information, visit the company's Armatura Kraków SA page on the PdA portal.

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