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Unobvious accessories for a modern and functional kitchen

21 of March '24

For a long time, the kitchen has meant more than a place to prepare meals, it is often the most important space of home life. The modern approach to interior design focuses on both aesthetics and practicality and functionality. Manufacturers continue to offer new solutions and accessories that increase the convenience of the kitchen, but also help save time, as well as money and the environment.

Pot filler, a practical cooking ally

Solutions that increase comfort while cooking can be at a premium for many of us. Even more so if we cook a lot, and consequently spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen. An extremely convenient kitchen solution, which we may associate with restaurants, American interiors, but increasingly also with modern kitchen designs, is the so-called pot filler, which is a tap for filling pots, mounted directly above the stove.

This unusual faucet will be especially useful in a larger kitchen, where carrying large pots filled with water can be a hassle. In addition, it allows you to quickly refill water in situations where too much evaporates while cooking. The pot filler from the Duero collection from KFA Armatura is not only functional, but also draws attention to the quality of its finish. It has a minimalist shape and is available in three colors: classic inox, matte black and brushed gold, allowing the spout to fit perfectly into any kitchen space.

Pot filler Duero to praktyczne i designerskie rozwiązanie do każdej kuchni

The Duero pot filler is a practical and designer solution for any kitchen

© KFA Armatura

Pot filler is characterized by a specific design. The spout is movable in three places - once at the exit from the wall and twice along its length, thus dividing into three parts, moving horizontally independently of each other. This solution allows you to place the spout exactly over any point on the surface of the stove. Thanks to the folding design, the unused faucet also does not take up space and does not interfere with cooking.

Can the pot filler be installed only over the stove? Absolutely not! It is worth using this solution for our daily needs. It will work well for a coffee maker, for example, or even for filling water bowls for pets. So it's worth taking a creative approach to kitchen design to use this type of accessory in a less obvious way.

Clean water straight from the tap

Filtering water at home is an increasingly popular trend for a number of reasons. It allows easy availability of clean water, which is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies, reduces the need to carry heavy bottles from the store and reduces the amount of plastic generated. Among water filtering products, bottles and jugs are very popular, but kitchen faucets equipped with professional water filters are increasingly popular. Their great advantage is that they last for up to a year of use and do not take up unnecessary space on the countertop.

In the Duero Pure collection there are faucets, equipped with professional Profine brand filters with a carbon block, which can be tailored to the individual needs of the household. They reduce chlorine, organic compounds, as well as unpleasant odors from the water. Choose from the Blue universal filter, which is suitable for any household, the Silver filter with antibacterial silver ions - ideal for families with children, and the Lilac filter, which softens water and improves its taste, so it will be best for coffee machines.

Profesjonalne filtry Profine dostępne z bateriami Duero Pure

Profine professional filters available with Duero Pure faucets

© KFA Armatura

The use of water filters in customized kitchen faucets is a shot in the arm for an even more functional kitchen. This is health, convenience and ecology in its pure form.

Every detail counts

In the kitchen washing area, ergonomics and comfort are very important. After all, for many, washing dishes is not a favorite activity, necessary when cooking even if you have a dishwasher. There are many ways to make this process as easy as possible, including by properly locating the draining board, adjusting the size of the sink or choosing a kitchen faucet with a pull-out spout and water flow switch. However, in addition to functionality, even here aesthetics are important. After all, each of us wants the space around us, even the working one, to be simply pretty.

A great solution to the problem, which is often the cluttering of the washing area with not very aesthetically pleasing bottles of dishwashing liquid, is to install a dispenser in which the detergent container is located under the countertop. This way, the unsightly bottle disappears from the sink, and the dishwashing liquid is easily accessible.

Interestingly, using a dispenser for dishwashing liquid in the kitchen is not only practical, but also ecological. This is because it allows you to reduce the amount of plastic trash generated, because instead of buying bottles of liquid, you can get a larger pack of liquid once and use it economically with the dispenser.

Dozownik do płynu do naczyń KFA Armatura w kolorze szczotkowanego złota

KFA Armatura dish liquid dispenser in brushed gold color.

© KFA Armatura

The use of practical solutions is a small step for the great functionality of a modern kitchen. If you care about the everyday convenience of functioning, cooking and washing, be sure to consider using them in your home!

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