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Eco-friendly mural with anti-smog feature at Bank Square in Warsaw

22 of March '24

In the heart of Warsaw, precisely at Bank Square, you can admire a mural that not only positively affects the aesthetics of the metropolitan space, but also purifies the air! This unique piece of street art was painted with eco-friendly KNOxOUT paints, which absorb nitrogen oxides. The idea for the anti-smog mural came from Midea - a world leader in HVAC solutions, and the realization of this innovative art gallery was undertaken by the RW Group, under the auspices of the EcoEvolution Foundation.

Buildings like trees - #mideadlaplanet

KNOxOUT paint, which was used to paint the Midea mural, is the world's first anti-smog paint. Significantly, 1 sqm of surface painted with this paint reduces up to 0.44 g of nitrogen oxides, which is exactly the same as 1 tree. For large urban areas, such initiatives are of great importance. Did you know that, according to the WHO, as many as 3,000,000 people die annually worldwide due to smog?

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Green vision - Blue future

Midea, a manufacturer of heat pumps and air conditioning, is committed to sustainability. The eco-friendly mural is a nod to environmental protection. Painted on the wall of a building at 72 Solidarności Avenue in Warsaw, the work is not only an aesthetic marketing message, but also an important message for the residents of the capital. The engaging project is a vision of a city with clean, healthy air, thanks to an investment in a heat pump with natural refrigerant R290.

Heat pump with natural refrigerant R290

R290 refrigerant has zero ODP, i.e. it has no negative impact on the ozone layer. In addition, having a very low GWP coefficient (GWP=3) allows it to be classified as an environmentally friendly agent. Thanks to the excellent thermodynamic properties of R290 refrigerant and advanced technology, Midea M-Thermal Arctic heat pumps with a 7-year warranty show excellent performance at low temperatures.

The main source of energy for the Midea M-Thermal heat pump is natural energy stored in the air. With a small amount of electricity drawn from the grid, the M-Thermal can provide heat for your home. Compared to a conventional heating source, it is a much more efficient solution, combining efficiency and environmental friendliness. The ability to operate up to extreme outdoor temperatures while maintaining a very high system flow temperature (75°C), makes M-Thermal ideal for replacing or upgrading your current heat source.

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Take part in government programs and benefit from Midea heat pump subsidies

Midea is committed to cutting-edge solutions that allow households to have a real impact on environmental protection and the wider ecology. Pollution reduction can now also be realized to the financial benefit of heat pump users. Choosing Midea M-Thermal allows you to participate in government programs such as "Clean Air," "Reimbursement for Furnace," "My Electricity" and "My Heat," and the heat pumps offered are Keymark, EUROVENT, MSC and CE certified.

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