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Restoring the splendor of history: an office in Wrocław's Renoma, or upcycling in art déco style

22 of March '24

The office, located on the 2nd floor of the historic Renoma building in Wroclaw, is not only an example of a successful renovation, but also a tribute to the architectural style of the place. References to history are evident in every detail of the project - from the small ceramic tiles on the walls, to the designer light fixtures, to the ceiling by Knauf Ceiling Solutions with its geometric divisions and distinctive wood wool structure. The builders and architects also focused on reusing materials, giving them new life and emphasizing the importance of sustainable design.

Considered one of Wrocław's architectural icons, Renoma is a symbol of commerce, elegance and modernity. An aura of awe for the past prompted the investors, Olesinski & Partners and architects from the re:build design studio, to create ergonomic office spaces with divisions and textures characteristic of 1930s interiors. They designed an office that combines the elegance of art déco style with modern workspaces, while maintaining sustainable principles.

Design for the 21st century

When designing the office in Wrocław's Renoma, we wanted contemporary design to meet classic elegance, and ecology to become a pillar of the arrangement. Together with the investors, we focused not only on ensuring work comfort, but also on implementing sustainable practices. That's why we used equipment from the previous location and only supplemented the office with missing elements, prioritizing sustainable and ecological materials," said architect Kinga Lukaszynska of re:build studio, responsible for the office design.

This approach is close to Knauf Ceiling Solutions, which also prioritizes environmental concerns, including creating panels whose main components - wood, water and magnesite - allow for easy disposal or recycling. In addition, the raw materials required for ceiling panels and wall cladding are sourced from verified sources, helping to protect the diversity of forest ecosystems. The company is constantly striving to develop technologies that minimize negative environmental impact, as evidenced by certifications such as FSC and PEFC, as well as the Cradle to Cradle gold certificate for the HERADESIGN Superfine line used in the Renoma office project.

The design of the office in Wrocław's Renoma is a perfect example of the synergy between tradition and modernity, where attention to aesthetics and functionality goes hand in hand with concern for the environment and responsible use of resources.

Photo: Natalia Kapsa

HERADESIGN - an effective tool in eliminating noise nuisance

During the implementation of the project, one of the main challenges was the proper development of the space and ensuring proper acoustics.

Proper acoustics is a key factor affecting our well-being. In the office located in Wrocław's Renoma, the priority was to ensure the comfort of work for 150 people, so we relied on proven solutions offered by our company. Wood wool ceiling panels not only help create aesthetically pleasing spaces, but also effectively absorb sound, creating a harmonious atmosphere conducive to concentration and creativity. In addition, the durability of the material and the modularity of the design will allow easy rearrangement of spaces and reuse of materials. This not only contributes to sustainability, but also allows flexibility to adapt to changing needs and trends in interior design," said Tomasz Krajewski of Knauf Ceiling Solutions.

In art déco style interiors, one will find plastic surfaces, with divisions and texture. The wood wool texture of the HERADESIGN Superfine panels in Natur 13 color not only harmonizes with the character of the presented office space, but is also made of environmentally friendly materials, as confirmed by the Cradle to Cradle gold certification.

Photo: Natalia Kapsa

Knauf Ceiling Solutions has been dealing with the complex concept of acoustics for decades. In addition to studying the phenomenon itself, the manufacturer is constantly developing new solutions to improve user comfort.

Despite the wealth of decoration, art déco architecture often uses modern technologies and materials. Thanks to the surface structure of HERADESIGN Superfine boards, it is possible to create open, uniform structures with minimal use of binder. This unique structure gives the boards an elegant and exclusive look, making them ideal for use in prestigious spaces.

Photo: Natalia Kapsa

By using HERADESIGN Superfine acoustic tiles in natural color, a balance between aesthetics and functionality has been achieved. The ceiling tiles in the natural shade of Natur 13, made of single-layer wood wool using magnesite as a connector, not only provide excellent acoustic properties, but also harmoniously harmonize with the design of the entire project.

For more information, visit the company's KNAUF CEILING SOLUTIONS Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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