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How to heat a house economically?

26 of August '23

From the series "Air conditioning, ventilation, heating—solutions, trends 2023"

A key decision when building a house or modernizing an existing one is to choose the right heat source. We expect it to be not only efficient, but also economical and environmentally friendly. That's why it's worth choosing a modern condensing boiler or heat pump, which is classified as a renewable energy source.

Termet condensing boilers are characterized by high efficiency, reaching up to 109%. This is possible due to intensive condensation. In condensing boilers, in addition to the heat contained in the flue gases, latent heat—that is, the energy contained in water vapor—is used. This is made possible by the design of the heat exchanger. Thanks to condensation, a significant amount of heat is recovered, which in traditional boilers escaped through the chimney irretrievably. Using the effect of condensation allows you to achieve significant savings in gas consumption, so there will be more money left in the wallet, which will finance, for example, current maintenance of the device.

It is worth noting that all condensing boilers available in the Termet offer have a heat exchanger made of stainless steel, which provides high resistance to corrosion and fouling, which has an impact on the long and trouble-free operation of the device.

Condensing boilers are also characterized by a wide range of power modulation. What benefits does a wide modulation range give us? Well, it allows us to adjust the heating power of the device to the current conditions, which allows us to significantly reduce heating costs. In addition, smooth operation makes the boiler start up less often, which extends the life of the components and, consequently, the entire heating device. Adjusting the power to the current needs avoids the effect of "clocking in", that is, tedious switching on and off of the boiler. All these features affect the reduction of heating costs, and thus we can use the saved money for other purposes.


When we want to modernize an old boiler room, and we don't have a lot of space, the best solution becomes a boiler with an already built-in storage tank, such as the hanging Integra Comfort or the standing Solid Comfort. Then we don't have to worry about clearing space for the hot water tank.

When choosing a heat pump, it is worth noting that the device should be adapted to the climatic conditions prevailing in our country, and the automation should give the possibility of intelligent cooperation with additional heat sources such as a condensing boiler or photovoltaic panels, as is the case with Termet Heat pumps. Especially since hybrid installations combining two heat sources, e.g. a condensing gas boiler and a heat pump, which work in a common heating system, are becoming the most popular solution. Such cooperation is very beneficial from the point of view of both the heating system and our wallet. Here, too, we can choose ecological and economical Termet products.

The boiler provides heat in the greatest frost, that is, during the greatest demand, and the heat pump for the rest of the heating period. As a result, there is no need to overestimate the power of the heat pump for the dozen or so frosty days a year or to use energy-consuming electric heaters. It is worth noting that low-temperature heating systems designed for the heat pump work perfectly with gas condensing boilers, ensuring the highest possible energy savings. Thus, we take care not only of our finances, but also of the environment.

For more information, visit the company's Termet page on the PdA portal.

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