A novelty in TERMET's offer - T-BOX hydraulic module!

02 of November '23

With heat comfort in mind, Termet is constantly expanding its offer with modern solutions. One of them is T-BOX, a hydraulic module designed to cooperate with air-to-water heat pumps of the monoblock type.

Moduł hydrauliczny T-BOX do współpracy z pompami ciepła

T-BOX hydraulic module for cooperation with heat pumps


It's a proposal that will make the work of installers easier, while ensuring safety and comfort for users.

All the necessary components are contained in an elegant and corrosion-resistant housing.

This results in a space-saving design, so it can be successfully installed even in small rooms.

Numerous safeguards guarantee peace of mind, while top-class components ensure the longevity of the product. T-BOX is available in several configurations, so it can be tailored to the requirements of almost any installation.

Pompy ciepła Termet można również kupić w pakietach z buforami ciepła oraz zasobnikami ciepłej wody

Termet heat pumps can also be purchased in packages with heat buffers and hot water storage tanks


What's more, it significantly reduces heat pump installation time, and its design is installer-friendly through easy access to all components.
The T-BOX's equipment includes:

  • upper heat source circulation pump to ensure adequate water flow in the system
  • expansion vessel of the central heating system to protect the installation against pressure increase
  • three-way switching valve
  • electric heater as a peak source to ensure thermal comfort even in the most severe frosts
  • magnetic filter purifier protecting not only the installation, but also the heat pump from impurities
  • safety elements
  • pressure gauge for convenient control of pressure in the installation without removing the front cover
  • HPmulti control (applies to version with control*)
  • electricity meter (applies to PRO version)
  • flow meter (applies to PRO version).
    * available only in a set with Termet Heat pump.

Moduł hydrauliczny T-BOX, materiały prasowe Termet

T-BOX hydronic module, Termet press materials


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