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COOL-LITE® XTREME facade glass with ORAÉ® base glass. For the sake of the environment.

28 of August '23

A common dimension of comfort and concern for the environment

Progressive climate change today sets the direction of development of virtually every industry, including the construction sector in the broadest sense. In the context of creating modern architectural solutions, however, concern for the fate of the planet must go hand in hand with a guarantee of comfort for users of the buildings.

The common denominator of wellbeing and comprehensive care for the environment is now becoming glazing, an excellent example of which is COOL-LITE® XTREME facade glass with ORAÉ® base glass - officially recognized as the glass with the lowest carbon footprint in the world. What's more, its most advantageous application within the framework of a given project will be taken care of by modern technology, namely - the innovative glazing configurator CALUMEN®.

ORAÉ® - szkło o najniższym śladzie węglowym

ORAÉ® - glass with the lowest carbon footprint


The green future of architecture

The construction sector is responsible for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The need to reduce this level is now being imposed by strict environmental regulations operating at both the local and international levels. Examples include the European Green Deal, the provisions of which create a "roadmap" for achieving climate neutrality by 2050 , or the Fit for 55 package , which aims to reduce carbon emissions by at least 55% by 2030. It is also encouraging that environmental awareness is steadily growing among investors, allowing them to look to the future with optimism.

Huta Saint-Gobain Glass w Dąbrowie Górniczej

Saint-Gobain Glass plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza


To meet the pro-environmental expectations of architects, the Saint-Gobain Glass brand has put ORAÉ® base glass with a reduced carbon footprint at their disposal. Its nature-friendly properties are most influenced by a production process based on the use of a significant percentage of cullet and renewable energy sources.

- Recycling cullet is crucial in reducing the carbon footprint of ORAÉ® glass and reducing the extraction of primary raw materials," says Monika Naczeńska, Marketing Manager of Saint-Gobain Glass. - Each ton of cullet saves up to 300 kg of emittedCO2, plus this type of production is almost completely loss-free. Developing this technology is another step in realizing the Saint-Gobain Group's overarching goal of "Making the World a Better Home," an expression of its ambition to make the world a better place for everyone to live.

ORAÉ®'s eco-friendly production sets new standards forCO2 emissions. For 4 mm thick glass, it is only 6.64 kg ofCO2 perm2 over the product's entire life cycle (cradle-to-grave analysis), a 42% reduction compared to existing solutions, as evidenced by the provisions of the verified EPD Environmental Product Declaration.

On guard for comfort and ecology

ORAÉ® base glass was first used in the COOL-LITE® XTREME line of highly selective facade glasses. Among their main strengths is an excellent level of selectivity, meaning the ratio of visible light passing through the glass to the amount of infrared radiation that is reflected to the outside - the higher the value, the brighter the interiors while "blocking" the heat that does not pass through the glazing.

Stłuczka szklana wykorzystywana do produkcji szkła

Cullet used in glass production


COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ® used on building facades will help guarantee the highest level of thermal comfort for interior users , as well as take care of the uninterrupted access of natural light to the rooms.

- The technical parameters for the COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/33 ORAÉ® variant are: g=0.33, Lt=70%, S=2.12, " explains Monika Naczeńska. - As a result, it creates excellent indoor conditions and reduces the need for energy-intensive air conditioning or additional artificial light sources. This, in turn, directly translates into a reduction in the energy demand of the investment and, consequently, its carbon footprint. Such a comprehensive solution, which makes it possible to reduce the embedded and operational carbon footprint at the same time, guarantees a faster pace of decarbonization of the construction sector and the achievement of climate neutrality.

Precision, the foundation for success

Glass is changing the face of architecture due to its performance characteristics and the potential for pro-environmental innovation at the production stage. However, in order for it to demonstrate its full potential, it should be used with attention to the smallest details. After all, glazing accounts for up to 60% of a facade's surface, and its proper selection can sometimes be a major challenge for architects and investors.

Habitat 7 w Göteborgu. Projekt: Architect Krook & Tjäder. Szkło na fasadzie: COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ®

Habitat 7 in Gothenburg. Designed by Architect Krook & Tjäder. Glass on the facade: COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ®


In order to make the process of finding the optimal glass for a given project as easy as possible, the Saint-Gobain Glass brand has developed the CALUMEN® online glazing configurator. Thanks to this application, selecting the best solution is possible in two ways: manually, using the intuitive configurator, or thanks to a special "Reverse" option that allows the application to do it for us. The user can also check the energy efficiency of the assemblies used at any time, compare their performance and aesthetics from a computer or tablet.

- CALUMEN® is a fully free "all in one" glazing configurator - says Monika Naczeńska. - It is our answer to the needs of architects, facade consultants or glass processors. Its functionalities allow you to upload your own designs, analyze data in real time, and speaking of environmental protection - calculate the carbon footprint of the glazing used and visualize the composite, reducing the need to produce samples in accordance with the "zero waste" ideology. And all this through a friendly and intuitive interface, he adds.

CALUMEN® – internetowy konfigurator przeszkleń typu „all in one”

CALUMEN® - online configurator for all-in-one glazing


Responsible and sustainable architecture is setting the course for the entire construction sector. We are seeing more and more developments geared toward significantly reducing operational and embedded carbon footprints. The portfolio of planet-friendly solutions is also expanding, with glazing leading the way. It's worth investing in tomorrow's solutions today - for our benefit and the future of the planet.

For more information, visit the company's Saint-Gobain Glass page on the A&B portal.

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