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MIRASTAR® - mirror effect glass surprises

04 of October '23

Glass for interiors

Although trends are changing, glass for interiors remains the number one choice for contemporary design. Thanks to its unique properties, excellent parameters, captivating aesthetics and reliable durability, it allows to create original, out-of-the-box designs, encouraging the search for new opportunities to use its potential.

Szkło ornamentowe jako ścianka działowa

Ornamental glass as a partition wall


It is with its help that we can create functional, beautiful and innovative spaces that will surround us with comfort for years to come, so it is definitely right that glass has an honorable place in interiors.

Arrangement journey in time - ornamental glass is on the top again

Those who keep abreast of trends in the interior design industry could not have missed the growing popularity of decorative ornamental glass. The material, which has enjoyed acclaim over the years, is now being rediscovered. The tendency to introduce decorative elements in a more refined, elegant way continues to grow. Ornamental glass perfectly reflects this trend, offering a wealth of designs thematically related to popular interior styles: modern, industrial, vintage or classic.

Szkło ornamentowe jako przeszklenie kabiny walk-in

Ornamental glass as glazing for walk-in cabins


Not only beauty, but also durability distinguishes contemporary ornamental glass. As a result, decorative glass is both an elegant addition to furniture and an interesting, often surprising alternative to partitions or sliding doors, which fill the space with soft, diffused light. Ornaments can also be found in more daring implementations, such as shower enclosures, which, in addition to the visual decorative effect, also provide privacy.

Whether you prefer a more subtle, delicate design or bold and distinctive patterns, ornamental glass is proof that classics and elegance never go out of style.

MIRASTAR® - mirror effect glass surprises.

Decorative, hanging, framed or unframed - mirrors dominate interiors today, and the effect of optically enlarged space and three-dimensionality translates into greater satisfaction with its use. Can mirrors surprise us with anything else? Here, MIRASTAR® and MIRASTAR® REFLECT mirror-effect glasses deserve attention. What distinguishes them?

First of all, high reflectivity and low transparency, thanks to which we can enjoy perfectly reflected light and images. Resistance to corrosion translates into trouble-free use of the glazing in rooms with higher humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Increased strength achieved through the toughening or laminating process makes MIRASTAR® family glass a safe, durable and striking design solution. Another advantage is the possibility of edge processing or cutting to non-standard sizes to "cut" the glass to size.

MIRASTAR® szkło z efektem lustra

MIRASTAR® mirror effect glass


MIRASTAR® glass in the form of all-glass doors, partitions or wall claddings, dazzles with its design, impresses with the play of light and images reflected from the surface, which gives the interior a visual depth. It allows more efficient use of available space, introducing functional division of rooms. Using MIRASTAR® glass, we can achieve an amazing effect - depending on the lighting conditions, the glass can look like a mirror or be clear like a traditional pane of glass. Whether we design a home, office or restaurant, it will be an element that is sure to attract the attention of visitors and emphasize the uniqueness of the interior.

Wellness zone behind glass

In a designer and comfortable wellness zone - whether at home, in a hotel or in a wellness salon - we need a well-designed space where we can feel safe, comfortable and be able to think only about relaxation. Such a place should not lack the discreet glow of mirrors(MIRASTAR® - mirror effect glass or the classic MIRALITE® PURE mirror), a striking division of space and provision of intimacy thanks to ornamental glass walls, or a functional shower enclosure or shower screen, from which we expect perfect color reproduction, neutral edge color and pristine cleanliness. In the last case, TIMELESS® shower glass, whose sheet is covered with a durable anti-corrosion coating, will be perfect. High transparency of the glass is a recipe for separating integral zones in the bathroom, perfect play of light and optical enlargement of the space.

MIRALITE® PURE wysokiej jakości lustro srebrne

MIRALITE® PURE high quality silver mirror


In terms of functionality, including ease of cleaning, TIMELESS® will not disappoint us either. The anti-corrosive properties of TIMELESS® glass, obtained thanks to a special layer of metal oxides, mean that despite constant contact with water the glass sheet does not tarnish or deteriorate, and its care does not require much commitment on the part of the users, as scale or dirt are easy to wash off.

Readiness for the unexpected

Interior comfort today is closely linked to a sense of security. The innovative MIRALITE® EASYSAFE mirror has an additional integral layer of anti-scratch resin, so it offers significantly better durability and protects users from glass shattering. If the mirror breaks, 98% of the shards remain on the surface of the protective layer. The product's properties have been thoroughly tested, so it has received the appropriate certification for the most stringent standards. MIRALITE® EASYSAFE has also been tested for its reaction to fire, assigning it Class A2 according to EN 13501-1.

Lustro bezpieczne MIRALITE® EASYSAFE z dodatkową warstwą ochronną

MIRALITE® EASYSAFE safety mirror with additional protective layer


Another advantage of the MIRALITE® EASYSAFE mirror is the use of water-based and lead-free raw materials in the manufacturing process - with benefits for indoor air quality and the environment (low VOC emissions). Similar advantages characterize the MIRALITE® PURE mirror, also a lead-free product and free of harmful organic solvents. Here's how modern mirrors take care of both interior design and the comfort of their users.

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