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Beautiful, comfortable, safe - glass can do it!

04 of October '23

Glass for special tasks

Interior design in the spirit of ergonomics and wellbeing is no longer a trend but a good practice. The main inspiration for designers aware of their role in improving the quality of our daily life within the "four walls" are the needs and expectations of users. Today the focus is on our convenience, safety and broadly defined comfort, on a par with environmental issues.

Szklo EGLAS z funkcją topienia śniegu w przeszkleniach dachowych

EGLAS glass with snow melting function in roof glazing


It is no coincidence that in the context of the challenges faced by modern architecture, glazing is gaining in importance, becoming an integral part of buildings, synonymous with elegance and functionality. The uniqueness of EGLAS and SECURIT ALARM glazing makes them products for special tasks, which in the above issues have much more to offer than standard solutions.

Warmth and snow removal on call

The pace of daily life is increasing. We want interiors to keep up with our expectations and needs of the moment. Smart technologies do not bypass glazing, making it ready to cooperate with users and respond adequately to circumstances. The right temperature in interiors is a factor that affects the quality of time spent there. It affects our mood, health, efficiency of work and study, peaceful sleep or successful rest. Glazing equipped with low-emissivity coatings helps prevent the escape of valuable heat from interiors. However, it is possible to go one step further and use glass in the design that... heats.

The mechanism of operation of EGLAS heating glass is based on the use of electricity, which is transformed into heat as a result of the 230-volt current flowing through a low-emissivity metal oxide coating. EGLAS glass in the form of a glass unit can be a source of additional heating in rooms. In addition to the absence of the "cold glass" effect, we gain more freedom in the design of the space near the windows. Thus, we do not have to worry about creating relaxation zones in the vicinity of glass panes. We have warmth right at our fingertips, and we gain even more - a pristine view of the outside world and unobstructed access to daylight.

Szkło EGLAS z funkcją grzewczą

EGLAS glass with heating function


The heat-emitting glass also prevents cond ensation on its surface, regardless of the aura outside the window or the humidity in the room. Anti-condensation is the key to solving the problems of moisture buildup on seals, especially in facilities particularly prone to dampness, such as swimming pools, gyms, hotel wellness areas or spas. The anti-condensation function brings not only visual benefits, but also health benefits - reducing the risk of the development of mold or fungus that is dangerous to humans, and at the same time improving indoor air quality.

For heating glass, frost or snow lingering on roof windows are not a problem either. This is because EGLAS offers a snow melting function, so it allows you to safely remove "white fluff" from hard-to-reach places, without the need for snow removal.

EGLAS is a multifunctional product, making everyday life easier for users. It is controlled by a thermostat, and built-in smart sensors automatically activate the heating function when they detect rain, snow or when the temperature drops below +5°C. By combining EGLAS glass with a BMS building management system, as well as a photovoltaic installation, we gain a solution that fits in with both design trends and modern, sustainable construction. Speaking of trends...

Szkło EGLAS – funkcja antykondensacji

EGLAS glass - anti-condensation function


Beautiful, large windows and the risk of burglaries - security under special surveillance

Large-format glazing is currently one of the hottest architectural trends used in public buildings and private homes. Floor-to-ceiling panes delight with their design, perfectly illuminate rooms and open them to the world. However, such a solution may raise some doubts - how to protect interiors from burglary?

Nowadays, glass for special tasks guarantees not only protection against breakage, shattering and injury by fragments, but actively stands guard over buildings. SECURIT ALARM glass has a class C (professional) alarm device, which means that it cannot be neutralized with special tools, and any such attempt automatically sets off the alarm. Let's take a closer look at this solution.

SECURIT ALARM is a tempered glass having an infused metal circuit connected to the electrical power supply and alarm. If the glass is broken during a burglary, the pane shatters into small pieces, so that the electrical circuit is broken and sets off the alarm. Thanks to the use of intelligent sensors, there is no question of false alarm activation - unlike traditional passive glass break sensors, SECURIT ALARM responds only to actual attempts to break in. There is also no risk of activating the system under the influence of vibrations caused, for example, by traffic or pets. The solution can be used to secure even such facilities as armaments, metal and gemstone processing plants, museum buildings, vaults, jewelry stores, archives, banks or residential buildings.

Szyby z pętlą alarmową SECURIT ALARM

SECURIT ALARM loop glazing


What about the aesthetics of such a product? Thanks to the placement of the electrical circuit in one of the corners of the glazing, it does not limit visibility in any way. The shape of the circuit resembles an ordinary graphic sign, making it virtually invisible to the naked eye. This solution frees you from the need for standard "detectors", which improves the aesthetics of the design.

A sense of comfort and security are nowadays inseparable elements of modern construction, and the very possibility of managing the conditions of a space allows you to take full advantage of its potential. And this is where smart, high-tech glass solutions play a leading role. Regardless of the number of functions that modern glazing has and the comfort it can bring us, we are still dealing with glass - a fully and infinitely recyclable product - a raw material. And this is only part of the story of what glazing can do.

SECURIT ALARM zabezpieczenie wnętrz przed włamaniem

SECURIT ALARM securing interiors against burglary


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