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Modern technologies in the design of durable and beautiful facades

28 of August '23

The façade in an urban space plays an important role. The façade is the most exposed element, due to its geometry, material, color or applied texture. Thus, in urban space, it gives the building expression and form, creates the appearance of the building, fitting it into the urban fabric, or not.

What functions should a facade perform?
Is the most important only its aesthetic aspect?

When making the facade of buildings, on the one hand we make sure that the facade is consistent with the architecture of the surroundings, but also with the other elements of the building such as window and door frames, the roof, etc. It is important to remember that the appearance of the building changes depending on the time of day or season. Therefore, when planning the appearance of the facade, we should not think about it only in space, but also in time.

When choosing the color or type of material used for the facade, first of all it is worth looking at the zoning plans and see if there are specific guidelines for the said facade. However, if the choice depends on our imagination, there are plenty of design possibilities, starting with paint, plaster and ending with cladding made of wood, metal or completely innovative facade materials.

Nowoczesne technologie w projektowaniu trwałych i pięknych fasad Nowoczesne technologie w projektowaniu trwałych i pięknych fasad

Atlas offers facade plasters in 4K technology

© Atlas

When deciding on the material with which to finish the outer layer of the facade, it is important to consider whether the technology used will be durable? Will it also perform other functions, such as ensuring that the building is sufficiently energy efficient? At a time when climate policy is playing an increasingly important role, architects are increasingly willing to design low-emission, passive buildings. Buildings in which, thanks to the use of sustainable materials, its maintenance costs can be reduced. It is worth, therefore, already at the design stage to choose modern solutions with high quality parameters. It is the whole system that guarantees the durability and strength of the facade. The last layer must have the right parameters, but undoubtedly has the greatest impact on the aesthetic appearance of the whole. It is the icing on the cake.

A revolution in the construction chemicals industry!
Facade plasters in 4K technology

Such a solution is the innovative Gemini line of silicone plasters, a novelty in the Atlas range. These products combine the best features of facade plasters, thanks to 4K technology, a combination of four types of selected aggregates. In addition, the GEMINI line stands out in the market: ease of application, simple and quick texturing, excellent finishing effect, and obtaining a durable and clean facade for years, as confirmed by specialists Jacek Koput (5 years of experience) and Ryszard Walga (25 years of experience).

© Atlas

What is the 4K formula?

4K is four types of texturing aggregates and fillers that give plasters many unique properties at the application, texturing and use stages:

  • very good adhesion to tools and wall surface,
  • no need for repetition and trowel cleaning,
  • full coverage and even distribution of aggregate,
  • durable colors on the facade,
  • high aesthetics of the obtained facade surface.

All these elements, so much appreciated by professionals and contractors, in effect affect the visual perception of the building facade.
In addition to the 4K formula, the GEMINI line has additional technologies to ensure the protection and cleanliness of the facade for many years:

  • Mirror EFFECT - protects the plaster from color loss and allows it to maintain its high service life for years. Provides protection of pigments from UV rays, reflects sunlight,

  • BIOSEC TECHNOLOGY - thanks to its high content of encapsulated biocides, it guarantees effective and long-lasting protection of the plaster against the development of biological infestation - algae, algae and mold,

  • CLEAN TECHN OLOGY - effectively prevents the penetration of dirt into the plaster. Its structure eliminates the possibility of adhesion of dust and dirt particles to the surface of the plaster, which gives the effect of self-cleaning facade,

  • ATLAS 3D-FLEX - guarantees the flexibility of the plaster and eliminates the formation of micro-scratches on its surface. The fibers contained in it have the ability to compensate for thermal deformation in summer-winter and at rapid temperature changes on the surface of the facade.

Atlas Gemini RS

Atlas Gemini RS

© Atlas

The GEMINI line includes two technologically advanced products: GEMINI RS and GEMINI R.

GEMINI RS is dedicated to bungalow-type investments, while GEMINI R is dedicated to large investments. They are primarily used for thin-coat plastering on the exterior of existing buildings, newly constructed buildings and indoors. These products have a rich color range of 406 SAH colors (tinted based on individually designed colors).

GEMINI RS has an 18-point rating in Atlas's Fachiever program. For more information on ATLAS GEMINI RS and R, visit the Atlas website and the ATLAS sp.z o.o. section of the PdA portal.

Atlas Gemini R

Atlas Gemini R

© Atlas

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