Geoflex adhesives with unique properties and application possibilities - gel technology

Durability, durability, comfort - these are the most common expectations of professionals, as well as investors, with regard to the materials used on construction sites. Products should be easy to use, and at the same time guarantee solidity of workmanship and speed of execution. Time pressure and difficult, changing conditions related, for example, to ambient temperature, have led to the appearance on the market of gel adhesives - innovative products that allow safe work even in extreme circumstances. The ATLAS Geoflex family of gel adhesives (ATLAS Geoflex, ATLAS Ultra Geoflex, ATLAS Geoflex White and ATLAS Geoflex Express) are adhesives with exceptional properties and application possibilities. They use innovative silicate gel technology, which allows to achieve the required parameters even during application in difficult conditions.

Kleje Geoflex

Geoflex adhesives


The most important advantages of gel adhesives are:


Gel adhesives easily combine with water and obtain a very easy-to-handle, plastic consistency that appears light and fluffy. The product adheres well to tools and does not run off vertical surfaces. It is stable and does not collapse even with a thick layer and with heavy and large-format tiles. It spreads perfectly, the formed "braid" does not break off, and the application is easy regardless of the size of the trowel used.


Geoflex adhesives are characterized by a very wide range of batching water, thanks to which ATLAS gel adhesives can achieve a thick consistency for use on vertical surfaces, thus ensuring no run-off and a spreading consistency for horizontal surfaces achieving perfect spreading under the tile, even with MEGA FORM.
The wide range of water allows the consistency to be tailored to the individual preferences of the contractor and the nature of the work and, in the case of less experienced contractors, eliminates the risk of "overflow" of water.

3. the possibility of application in the TEMPERATURE RANGE from +5°C to +35°C.

Atmospheric conditions, and in particular the temperature prevailing during application and within several hours afterwards, can significantly affect the setting process of products based on cementitious binders, resulting in the failure to achieve the declared strength parameters and subsequent problems with the operation of the cladding. Gel technology used in ATLAS GEOFLEX adhesives gives the possibility of initial binding of larger amounts of water and its gradual release, which allows safe application of the product to heated substrates of terraces, balconies or loggias, at temperatures as high as 35°C!


The open time is the maximum time, after the application of the adhesive, when the tiles can be embedded in the adhesive layer to achieve the required adhesion. This feature makes it possible to apply the mortar to a larger area and then set and level the tiles. The silicate gel's accumulation of water is also a guarantee that the claimed parameters will be achieved for up to 30 minutes. The adhesive is still wet to the touch even after a longer period of time, making it easy to install the cladding. The ability to accumulate more water than traditional cementitious adhesives also increases the adhesive's readiness to work.

In the case of Geoflex adhesives, this is 4 hours from the time the mortar is mixed. The correction time is also extended, i.e. the possibility of correcting the position of the tile even after 30 minutes.

Kleje Geoflex

Geoflex adhesives



ATLAS Geoflex gel adhesives are definitely products of wide application. They work perfectly on concrete, brick, hollow block, gypsum board or OSB substrates. An important advantage is also the ability to correct surface irregularities. The mortar application thickness range of 2-15 mm allows filling and gluing. Regardless of the formats and types of tiles, substrate, application or thickness of adhesive application, after 12 hours you can step on the cladding and grout it.

Adhesives from the ATLAS Geoflex family are solutions that significantly improve the quality of orders, and above all, affect the time of their implementation - without worrying about the subsequent usability of the surface.

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