ATLAS sp.z o.o.

ATLAS is currently the largest manufacturer of construction chemicals in Poland, being the undisputed leader on the Polish market. The company's offer includes a comprehensive range of construction products that allow the construction or renovation of residential buildings, public buildings and industrial facilities. With more than 25 years of experience in the design, manufacture and application of its products, ATLAS can today offer building materials that ensure the highest quality, durability and safety. The company offers products for both amateurs of minor renovations and professionals looking for solutions to difficult construction problems.

ATLAS was founded in 1991 thanks to the passion of three engineers from Łódź who decided to change the face of the Polish construction market by offering products using modern technical solutions, which were difficult to access at the time. As in the early years, the company's mission today is to spread innovative solutions in the construction industry on the market, making the work of contractors easier and improving the comfort of building users. The development of products, as well as the technology of their production, has always been a pillar of ATLAS's activity, which is why research and development laboratories equipped with modern measuring and testing equipment occupy an important place in its structure. Experts in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and construction work in them to design new, pioneering products.

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