ATLAS SMS 80 - one product, many applications!

26 of January '22

ATLAS SMS 80 is a universal, self-leveling floor underlayment that will work in every possible configuration: composite, on a separation layer, floating and for sinking underfloor heating. It levels the subfloor in the range of 25-80 mm, raises the level of the floor throughout the room, and can be used in all types of interiors - including wet ones, such as bathrooms, laundries, garages and boiler rooms.

ATLAS SMS 80 jest dostępny w 25 kg workach foliowych.

ATLAS SMS 80 is available in 25 kg plastic bags.

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ATLASSMS 80 is a self-leveling primer designed for use in all types of interior spaces. Its optimal strength parameters make it an excellent product for use in residential construction, as well as public and commercial buildings. The completed primer can be finished with: tiles, panels, epoxy flooring and PVC and carpet.

Universal primer

The novelty in the family of ATLAS SMS 80 primers is distinguished first of all by its above-average thickness (a layer of up to 80 mm), as well as its universality. This is because the implementation of the underlay is possible in four configurations: as a composite with the substrate, on a separating layer, floating (on a layer of thermal or acoustic insulation) and for sinking underfloor heating. Manufactured on the basis of a cement binder, it ensures that it can be used in all types of indoor spaces, including wet ones such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages and boiler rooms.

Good properties guarantee quality

Theexcellent spreadability of the primer ensures a perfectly smooth and even surface even in large rooms, and this without the need for guide strips. The optimal strength parameters of the primer are compression >20 MPa and bending> 5MPa. Very low linear shrinkage avoids scratches. The long ready-to-work time of the prepared mixture is as much as 45 minutes, which gives the Contractor the possibility of safely joining the fields of the poured primer, as well as the comfort of working on large areas. The time of entering the primer itself is possible already after 16 hours. ATLAS SMS 80 can be applied manually or mechanically - using mixing and pumping units. Mechanical application of ATLAS SMS 80 allows to lay about 160 m2 of 5 cm thick primer during a working day.

The most important properties of ATLAS SMS 80:

  • versatility of application (combined, on the separating layer, floating, for sinking floor heating)
  • optimal strength properties
  • excellent flowability
  • ability to compensate for shrinkage stresses
  • long readiness time - up to 45 minutes

Bet on a solid base!

Thefloor is the foundation of any room. A good primer determines its durability as much as the finish. Excellent spreadability, layer thickness, compressive and bending strength, as well as the ability to be used in virtually any room are the main advantages of ATLAS SMS 80 self-levelling primer. In addition, as shown by product validation, the execution of the primer using ATLAS SMS 80when compared to the use of traditional dense-plastic primer is twice as fast with less work. Thanks to the parameters and quality guarantee, ATLAS primers are among the most frequently selected in Poland.

For more information, visit the company 's ATLAS sp.z o.o. page on thePdD portal.

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