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ATLAS Facade Art. Concrete, metal, color - beauty expressed in detail

24 of October '22

Concrete - Metal - Color.
Facade effects for the architect's bold ideas

Over the past few years, also thanks to ATLAS sp.z o.o., significant changes have become apparent in the appearance of the facades of not only existing buildings, but also those newly erected. Architects and designers, adapting the type of facade to the style and character of the building, were given the tools to create almost unlimited interesting compositions. Today, the classics are combined with modernity, and modernity expressed, among other things, in the body of the building allows the use of facade effects that until recently were considered too bold.

The main task of the facade is to protect the exterior walls from adverse weather conditions. But it does not stop there. A modern designed and properly executed facade also becomes an attractive decoration of the building. To ensure that the end result meets the most demanding expectations, it is necessary to use the highest quality products, designed for the facade of tomorrow. The Atlas brand has taken care of such products in its portfolio, says Joanna Królikowska, Product Marketing Specialist, Atlas.

faktura elewacji z myślą o industrialnych klimatach

Facade plaster with the texture of architectural concrete emphasizes the modern style of the building


BETON - a facade texture with an industrial vibe in mind

One of the outstanding proposals for facade finishing is ATLAS CERMIT BA-M architectural concrete textured plaster. Due to its versatility, it allows to shape modern and demanding monolithic concrete structures and sublime architectural forms.

The possibility of various texturing (perfectly smooth or with a visible structural layer) allows to achieve the desired effects. This plaster has a protective and decorative function on the facades of various types of buildings - especially those that, according to the vision of designers and architects, are distinguished by the nobility of the surface. An important feature of plaster with the structure of architectural concrete, in addition to its durability and resistance, is that it emphasizes the modernity of the mass of the building and can be combined with other materials - wood or metal, which will certainly be appreciated by those looking for ideal solutions for the industrial style.

BETON – faktura
elewacji z myślą o industrialnych klimatach BETON – faktura elewacji
z myślą o industrialnych klimatach

The sweet charm of concrete on the facade blends well with other materials of the object, such as wood


The system to achieve the effect of concrete consists of:

  • ATLAS Cermit BA-M mineral plaster,
  • ATLAS architectural concrete impregnator.

It provides high durability of the coating and is resistant to dirt. Its surface is characterized by high vapor permeability. The plaster is easy to apply and is resistant to the growth of algae, fungi and mold.

nowoczesność i elegancja elewacji

The metal effect on the facade gives amazing effects when combined with light


METAL - modernity and elegance of a facade

ATLAS METALLIC LAKE, or metal effect on facades, is an innovative and decorative finish offered in 4 metallic colors: patinated silver, aged gold, copper and titanium. It allows you to achieve a noble, elegant and modern look on the facade. It looks great on modern facades with simple forms. It perfectly combines, for example, with decorative plaster with the texture of architectural concrete or ATLAS DEKO M TM6 plaster - the so-called sandstone effect.

METAL –nowoczesność i elegancja elewacji

Metal effect on facades - imitation of metal plate covering in various metallic colors


The metal effect will also work well on facades crisscrossed with bonia, allowing you to get a facade finish that imitates sheet metal panels. Equally interesting results will be achieved on drawn, brushed plasters made with ATLAS CERMIT N-100 or ATLAS CERMIT WN.

KOLOR – piękno
i trwałość elewacji wyrażone w barwach

Colorful facades give a refreshing color to our surroundings


COLOR - beauty and durability expressed in colors

The guarantee of a beautiful appearance of a facade for many years is its careful execution using system solutions. Such a guarantee is provided by ATLAS premium products - silicone plaster and silicone paint ATLAS SALTA N PLUS. ATLAS plasters and facade paints are not only a perfect external appearance, but above all a guarantee of the resistance of the facade associated with its daily use. Resistance to mold and mildew, mechanical impact or hail, high flexibility, as well as effective protection against dirt(self-cleaning effect) and a wide range of colors make these products almost universally applicable.

ATLAS SALTA N PLUS silicone paint is designed for painting facades of all types of buildings: residential, public, commercial and industrial. It is a recommended product for surfaces exposed to high thermal and utility loads. The surface painted with ATLAS SALTA N PLUS has a very high self-cleaning ability - the painted surface (thanks to the content of silicone resin and siloxane hydrophobizers) has no electrostatic properties, which limits the adhesion of dust particles, dust, ash, pollen and fungal spores. Such a facade cleans itself spontaneously with precipitation running down its surface.

The facade also gains high resistance to UV rays, and at the same time is distinguished by vapor permeability - it ensures the free transport of water vapor and diffusion of moisture through the substrate. Thanks to its availability in 400 colors in accordance with the SAH Colors of Plasters and Paints and the possibility of ordering colors according to an individual pattern, it allows almost unlimited creation of color compositions for the facade.

Flexibility in a premium option

ATLAS' answer to mechanical damage to the plaster on building partitions, resulting from the vicinity of buildings such as playgrounds or pedestrian gates, as well as dirt (including industrial) caused by operational factors, is ATLAS Silicone Plaster. The plastering made with this product is characterized by durability, high elasticity, vapor permeability and resistance to dirt and atmospheric factors or the formation of micro-scratches.

KOLOR – piękno
i trwałość elewacji wyrażone w barwach

The entire facade black? Yes, thanks to ATLAS silicone plaster, whose technology eliminates the risk of stress and cracking


Colors of beauty

ATLAS products are available in a wide range of SAH 480 colors, which includes 200 pastel colors and 200 saturated colors (thin layer dispersion plasters and facade paints). It is supplemented by as many as 80 SAH colors in so-called intensive tones with a diffuse reflectance coefficient HBW<20. The lower the HBW coefficient, the more energy is accumulated in the material, and thus the surface is exposed to greater thermal stress and cracking.

The technology used in ATLAS silicone plaster allows it to be applied in a dark color, such as black on the surface of the entire facade!

The high flexibility of ATLAS products allows you to enjoy a beautiful façade without cracks even at low HBW=5. This means that 5% of the radiation is reflected from the surface, and 95% is absorbed by the façade and converted into heat energy. The SAH 400 palette of thin-film dispersion plasters and facade paints makes it possible to create unique color compositions, which, thanks to the use of appropriately selected pigment pastes, ensure durability and full application safety. These colors, thanks to their high content of resins and highly UV-resistant inorganic and organic pigments, are extremely resistant to UV radiation. They are also distinguished by their ideal covering power, which is influenced by the titanium white contained in the formulation.

When you choose ATLAS facade products, you not only get a guarantee of a beautiful facade appearance, but also quality backed by many years of experience and a series of in-depth studies on each product. This ensures not only exceptional visual properties, but also safety associated with daily use.

For more information, visit the company's ATLAS sp.z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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