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Interpon Powder Coatings - three classes of resistance and design guarantees of up to 30 years

24 of October '22

Interpon Powder Coatings

Products for architecture are all three classes of resistance (for licenses such as Qualicoat, GSB, AAMA) with project guarantees of up to 30 years (this applies to delta E color and gloss change ranges - within certain parameters). All architectural paints are EPD-certified and climate-certified (to facilitate scoring in LEED, BREEAM, etc.). Thematic collections - due to the ever-increasing popularity of Qualicoat Class 2 (very many collections appear in this class although they have their alternatives in Class 1 as well).

EXO C11, Docklands

EXO C11, Docklands


These include:

  • PRECIS - a collection of ultramatte finishes in Class 2 QC (very stable deep mats, colors designed for modern and aesthetically demanding projects).

  • FUTURA 2022-2025 - a special collection, renewed every four years, three thematic sub-collections allowing for excellent complementing of details, finishes or interiors and small architecture in buildings. A highly inspiring series of special powder coatings for architectural use on metal components. It has been a favorite collection of Architects around the world for over 20 years! Meets Qualicoat, GSB, AAMA and BS requirements.

  • D2000 Flex - color collection with Class 2 resistance(Qualicoat 2 / AAMA 2604), while maintaining Class 1 flexibility (easier bending, no cracking, patented AkzoNobel technology)

  • ETERNITY - a collection using special additives that allow to reflect heat (infrared) and reduce the temperature of objects and the temperature inside them. An excellent alternative for green vertical gardens and elimination of urban heat islands (UHI); QC class 2.

  • D X-PRO - a solution to problems during installation or distant transportation of painted details, paints with improved scratch resistance .

  • STRUCTURE - a collection of structural paints; QC class 2 .

  • TEXTURE - collection of structural paints; 1 QC class.

  • ANODIC - colors in popular anodizing shades; 2nd class QC.

  • QC class 3, 2605 AAMA - colors most often custom-made for a project (color, effect, aspect).

Monash Hospital,
Clayton Victoria

Monash Hospital, Clayton Victoria


In the database of cataloged coatings there are more than ready 16,000 colors, mattes, glosses, satins, structures, ultramatics, special effects, metallics, functional paints. It is possible to select a product from the existing base or create a finish from scratch in the Color Laboratories.

Weston Tower,
Westminster Abbey

Weston Tower, Westminster Abbey


Convenient applications for designers (Design App), architects and contractors are available - they include a product database with technical parameters, panel libraries, as well as electronic catalogs.

We also recommend downloading BIM plug-ins (Polantis/AkzoNobel).

For more information, visit the company's AkzoNobel Powder Coatings page on the PdA portal.

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