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In today's lifestyle, healthy and clean indoor air is becoming crucial

29 of August '23

From the series "Air conditioning, ventilation, heating—solutions, trends 2023"

Today's lifestyle means that much of the activity is concentrated inside four walls. Doing work remotely, teaching online and relaxing after a long day in front of a computer screen, we are becoming dependent on our homes. In this situation, air quality becomes more important than ever, affecting not only our health, but also our overall living comfort.

Life compromise: Disadvantages of living in the city

The charm of big cities, which attract with their energy and unlimited opportunities, often hides behind them dangers invisible to the eye. Smog, the result of vehicle emissions and industrial activity, is one of the most serious problems. Dense clouds of fog, permeated with toxic substances, cause serious health risks. This underscores the need to prioritize the fight against pollution.

Smog and health: When clean air becomes a privilege

Prolonged exposure to smog can lead to respiratory diseases, exacerbation of asthma and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Children, whose respiratory and circulatory systems are still developing, are particularly vulnerable. As the urban population continues to grow, air quality issues are becoming an integral part of life in these areas.


Not just cities: the problems of living in rural and suburban areas

Rural and peri-urban areas, while appearing more favorable to health at first glance, are not always without hidden potential risks. Climate change contributes to an increase in pollen counts and increased flowering, which can intensify the frequency and severity of allergic reactions. The impact of these factors, which significantly impede daily functioning and reduce quality of life, underscores the urgent need to clean up the air.

Working from home: what has the Home Office changed?

Home Office is gaining popularity due to its flexibility. Such a model can help achieve a better work-life balance, eliminating the need to spend time on the way to work. However, it is worth noting that it is the employee who carries the burden of responsibility for ensuring optimal conditions. Indoor air quality, which significantly affects efficiency and the ability to concentrate, becomes important in this context.

Concentration vs. Home Office. How to increase productivity at work?

The environment in which we work significantly affects our productivity and ability to focus on the tasks at hand. Polluted air, full of toxic substances, can lead to constant feelings of fatigue and disorientation. To increase productivity at work, especially in the case of Home Office, it is important for the employee to take care of his environment himself.

Homes of the future: Smart Home

Taking care of a comfortable environment is of utmost importance, especially when working in the comfort of our home. Smart Home, is an innovative approach to managing and controlling various aspects of our daily lives using advanced technology. By connecting devices, Smart Home allows us to monitor and control using smartphones or voice assistants. Examples include regulating lighting, temperature, air quality, security systems, as well as blinds and shades.

Recuperation in smart homes

A smart home not only increases our convenience and control over our surroundings, but also contributes to more efficient use of energy. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is an innovative technology that allows fresh air to be supplied to rooms while recovering heat energy. Ventilation systems help maintain proper humidity levels, temperature and constant monitoring of air quality. By avoiding drafts and excessive cooling, we achieve not only improved well-being, but also eliminate the presence of pollutants, allergens, fungi, microbes and smog.


In the face of current air quality challenges, methods that improve ventilation and efficient use of energy are gaining importance. This type of approach brings benefits in the form of improved comfort and savings. New technologies are opening up new opportunities for more sustainable living in our homes.

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