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Decentralised ventilation for individual rooms

31 of October '19

The BLAUBERG brand is signed by devices in the field of decentralized ventilation designed for individual rooms - wherever, for reasons of limited installation space, it is difficult to install a central mechanical ventilation system, and it is necessary to improve air quality.

Decentralized ventilation is one of the latest trends in the industry. It is an ideal solution for existing buildings, retrofitted buildings, as well as those newly constructed. The decentralized ventilation system provides for the installation of equipment directly in the exterior wall of the building. The exchangers used in them (ceramic, hygroscopic) are characterized by very high heat recovery efficiency.

The devices are extremely quiet, so they can be used in apartments, offices as well as in institutional buildings. Their incredible advantage is the possibility of achieving a very high degree of filtration of PM 2.5 particles by using an additional F8 filter.

BLAUBERG recommends

VENTO EXPERT and VENTO ECO decentralized ventilation units

The cyclic operation of recuperators equipped with reversible fans allows to maintain a continuous exchange of air in a given room. The unit operates in two 70-second cycles: in the first cycle, warm, used air is exhausted to the outside, and the heat exchanger accumulates the heat contained in it. Then a reversing fan triggers a change in the direction of flow - fresh, cool air flows through the filters and the heat exchanger taking the previously accumulated heat energy from it. After 70 seconds, the unit returns to the exhaust cycle again. The ability to connect several units allows to maintain air movement between ventilated rooms. While in one room the recuperator is in supply mode, the other combined unit is in exhaust mode. After a certain period of time, the cycle changes and the direction of the airflow is reversed. By using several connected units, we also increase the air exchange rate of the building.

  • Capacity: up to 50 m3/h
  • Heat recovery efficiency of up to 97%
  • Power: from 1 W
  • Sound pressure level: from 12 dB(A) ~3 m
  • Automatic programming of operating modes
  • Remote operation via remote control or smartphone with BLAUBERG VENTO app (available free of charge on GooglePlay and AppStore)

Air handling units with counterflow heat exchanger FRESHBOX 100 WiFi

The Freshbox 100 unit is a complete air handling unit for single rooms requiring slightly higher capacity. Due to its small size and aesthetic design it is suitable for representative interiors. Heat recovery takes place in a counterflow heat exchanger made of polystyrene (optionally with enthalpy membrane). Air circulation is forced by two fans equipped with energy-efficient EC motors. The standard equipment of the unit on the supply air is equipped with G4 and F8 class filters. As an option, a built-in pre- or post-heater is available. The acoustically insulated steel casing with rubber foam is covered with an elegant acrylic panel in white. Freshbox 100 WiFi is equipped with automation that allows programming of weekly operation mode, fan speed control and supply air temperature (in units equipped with a heater).

  • Capacity: up to 100 m3/h
  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 96%
  • Power: from 12 W
  • Sound pressure level: from 13 dB(A) ~3 m
  • Automatic programming of weekly operation mode
  • Remote operation via remote control or smartphone with BLAUBERG FRESHBOX app (available for free on GooglePlay and AppStore)

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