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Elevators for the discerning, solutions for the disabled

31 of October '19


Techwind has many years of experience in designing and installing elevators for both new and existing buildings, including buildings unsuitable for elevators such as old townhouses or warehouses.

The specially made elevator shaft and cabin are adapted in style to the facade of the building, and their design is always developed together with the client. A wide range of options and top-quality materials guarantee a high standard of interior design and durability for years. The decor is always tailored to the purpose of the designed crane.

Techwind also offers solutions dedicated strictly for disabled people. Installed platforms allow people with disabilities to move between floors of buildings, which also brings the facility into compliance with current standards. The devices can be installed in apartments, public buildings, both inside and outside the building.

For train stations, shopping malls and other public buildings, Techwind offers an alternative to elevators - stairs and escalators. Stylish and freely configurable models have a special ECO mode and advanced features tailored to individual customer requirements.

Devices equipped with Techwind control systems allow integration with intelligent building management systems (BMS). Communication takes place according to a predetermined protocol, which will be responsible for proper communication with the central system controlling the operation of the building.

The proprietary control systems allow any programming of special functions, priority passes or control of access to individual building levels. It also allows integration with existing systems in the building (such as monitoring systems).

Designer's guide

On the website there is a help for architects - Designer's Guide, which allows you to download ready-made diagrams of cranes and other devices, which will significantly facilitate and accelerate the entire design process.

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