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Dekton for ventilated and bonded facades

01 of November '19

In modern architecture, the facade and its construction are playing an increasingly important role. Purely aesthetic values have given way to such factors as the impact on the stability of the structure and on the energy efficiency of the building, and therefore on the well-being of the people living in it. A good design takes all these factors into account, and it requires a material suitable for such applications.

Cosentino offers products that are undeniably beautiful and stand out in the market thanks to their unique properties: varied thickness and large sizes, high UV resistance, stain resistance, color fastness and resistance to high and low temperatures. These are just some of the many properties on offer from ultra-compact Dekton - the material chosen by thousands of professionals for building facades.


Dekton® by Cosentino is an excellent material for the installation of ventilated facades - facade systems based on a metallic structure and creating - between the supporting wall and the exterior facade of the building - a ventilated cavity in which acoustic-thermal insulation is placed to ensure drainage, ventilation and thermal efficiency of the building. These solutions allow significant energy savings throughout the year, not absorbing excess heat in summer and not giving it away in winter. Dekton, thanks to its rich colors, varied thicknesses and large size, allows full freedom of design, while ensuring the highest strength and aesthetics.


Thanks to its properties and stability, Dekton also works well in projects involving the installation of bonded facades, using the adhesive technique or installation with mechanical anchoring elements. It's a solution that offers superior aesthetics and lower maintenance costs.

Some properties of Dekton:

  • High UV resistance
  • High resistance to scratches
  • Resistance to staining
  • Resistance to fire and high temperatures
  • Resistance to freezing
  • 25-year warranty.

For detailed technical documentation, information on certificates and approvals, please contact Cosentino branch in Poland.

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