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QI Gold Emblem 2019 for MERYart headboard panels

09 of November '19

INMED-Karczewski, a leading manufacturer of medical equipment for hospital wards, including operating theaters and intensive care units, has been recognized for its efforts to implement, as well as promote the idea of quality in all aspects of its business. Thus, the Chapter of the Program awarded the company the title of Laureate of the Program and the QI Gold Emblem 2019 in the category of Highest Quality Product. The Golden Emblem was awarded to MERYart bedside panels, which are distinguished by the ability to print graphics in any color palette and according to the author's design, and the use of materials such as Corian® by DuPont® and tempered glass allows for exceptional depth of color and play of light.

Highest Quality QI, is a project whose goal is to promote effective quality management methods in companies and institutions. The second objective is to identify and promote those companies and institutions that represent the highest standards, guaranteeing that customers and consumers receive a product or service at the highest level. The award was granted by the Chapter of the Program, held under the auspices of: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Quality Management Department of the Cracow University of Economics and the Polish Committee for Standardization.

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