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The quietest on the market? Fuji

30 of October '19

For years, Fuji Electric has been producing units that are among the quietest on the market, with unique styling and intelligent control systems. Elegant design, compact construction and the use of a variety of technologies make Fuji Electric ideal for cooling and heating homes, offices, hotels, restaurants or shopping malls.

Intelligent control

Fuji Electric guarantees the convenience of operating the units, which can be done in many ways, depending on the choice of air conditioner and user preferences. You can control with a remote control, a wired controller, as well as a Smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi connection gives you total control of air temperature and all air conditioner functions from anywhere. With special modules, Fuji Electric allows you to manage up to 24 units with a single app. The advantage is also easy integration with building management systems, i.e. KNX, MODBUS, BACnet and LONWORKS.

Japanese excellence

The desire for continuous improvement makes Fuji Electric's devices stand out in the market in terms of efficiency, functionality and reliability. Save & Stop sensors help reduce energy consumption by detecting human presence in a room.

Fuji Electric offers a wide range of air conditioning systems:

  • Split systems include wall-mounted, floor-mounted, cassette, ceiling-mounted, ceiling-mounted, ducted air conditioners with medium and high compression, in a capacity range from 2.00 to 25.0 kW of cooling power.
  • Neoheat Fuji Electric air-to-water heat pumps, which provide complete home heating, including year-round water heating. The units extract energy from the atmosphere and transfer it to the heating water in the system. The system requires only 1 kW of electricity to produce 3 to 5 kW of heating energy.
  • Multi Split systems, provide the ability to connect 2-5, 6 or 8 indoor units to a single unit.
  • VRF systems are dedicated to large buildings, providing both cooling and heating throughout the year and at any temperature at the highest technological level. VRF systems include wall-mounted, cassette-floor and ducted units, allowing full flexibility in design and layout, from residential to commercial to industrial spaces. Cooling power ranges from 2.15 to 134.4 kW.

Fuji Electric units come with a 5-year warranty

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