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Design in air conditioning - how modern trends are changing contemporary air conditioners?

17 of August '23

From the series "Air conditioning, ventilation, heating—solutions, trends 2023"

Trends in air conditioning do not change very quickly, but they are also not completely immune to the influence of interior novelties. This is an asset, because a good quality air conditioner is purchased once for many years. Although we don't treat it as a direct design element and after a while most people stop noticing it, there's no denying that it's a not inconsiderable piece of equipment adorning a wall, so it would be great if it looked attractive and appealed to the owners.

klimatyzator Toshiba

Toshiba air conditioner

© Clima Polska

Not surprisingly, the air conditioning market began to respond quickly to the needs of consumers, who stopped treating air conditioners as a piece of technological home equipment. Today, an air conditioner is an essential home accessory that often complements the style of a given interior. As a result, when choosing equipment, in addition to technical parameters, its design is also important.

Toshiba air conditioners—extensive possibilities to modify the appearance of the indoor unit

The power of design was first recognized by Toshiba, which changed the thinking about air conditioners, releasing the Haori air conditioner. It's a model equipped with an innovative panel to which fabric upholstery can be easily attached. Customers can choose from an elegant catalog of more than 60 color variations. But it doesn't stop there—there are also various patterns to choose from, ranging from stripes to mélange to check.

Toshiba Haori

Toshiba Haori

© Clima Polska

What's more, the Haori air conditioner can be personalized—if you can't find a ready-made one that meets your needs, you can have it custom sewn. This way, your children's room will feature characters from your favorite cartoons, your company will hang a device with your logo, and the air conditioner panel in your living room will be sewn from the same material as your pillows or curtains.

Today Toshiba is a pioneer in terms of following and creating trends in the air conditioning market. Air conditioners signed with the logo of the Japanese manufacturer are not only efficient, quiet and provide high air quality, but also look great. They can be easily matched to the interior design, achieving a consistent arrangement.

Modern air conditioners—matte finish and designer remote controls

Personalization, which will continue to grow in the coming years, is not the only trend observed in the industry. More and more people are choosing to buy an air conditioner in a matte finish. Classic, glossy units are still very popular, especially in modern interiors, but interest in matte units is growing every year.

mały oczyszczacz Daikin

Daikin small purifier

© Clima Polska

The innovative company Daikin knows this, offering air conditioners in white and black matte. These are great-looking appliances that captivate with a simple yet sophisticated design that fits not only into classic, but also modern arrangements.

Another element that has been taken under the microscope of designers is remote controllers. Manufacturers, after years of stagnation, have begun to outdo each other in designing modern, handy remote controls that are not only functional, but also designer. These are intuitive-to-use accessories that charm with their unforced, minimalist design. As a result, they look great.

pilot Daikin

Daikin remote control

© Clima Polska

Modern air conditioners captivate not only with exalted technical parameters, but also with attractive design. This can be seen on store shelves, which even yield under the onslaught of units with a fashionable appearance. Thanks to the stylistic diversity, you can easily match the air conditioner to your interior design and get an efficient equipment that pleases the eye.

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