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Fashionable lighting, modern fixtures - trends 2022

05 of September '22

Fashionable lighting, modern fixtures - trends 2022

No one probably needs to be reminded of the huge role natural light plays in our lives. The artificial one, on the other hand, can be consciously and thoughtfully arranged - you can read about it in an interview with professional light designer Kama Wybieralska [here]. And if you are looking for interesting and fashionable proposals related to lighting, we invite you to a review of the latest lamps, light bulbs and lighting systems, as well as modern wiring fixtures that make everyday life easier!

created to make life easier

Let's start with wiring accessories - because it's worth thinking about them already at the planning stage of renovation or construction of a house. Functional, aesthetic Kontakt-Simon controllers make life easier thanks to, among other things, the ability to easily adjust the level of lighting to our mood, raising and lowering blinds or adjusting temperature.

Simon 100

© Kontakt-Simon

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Modern line of Simon 100 fixtures

light with imagination

Minimalist white fixture? The cherry on the cake in a japanese-style interior? An exotic boho accent? Or maybe you need a mobile, wireless solution? Be sure to check out the wide range of classic and modern light fixtures by Umage, in line with the latest trends, available in the Pufa Design store.

Oprawy świetlne Umage

© Pufa Design

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Umage - light with design imagination

great(l)ne possibilities

In creating lighting in interiors it is extremely important to choose the right light bulbs - because properly selected light colors affect the climate of the interior. LED technology offers various possibilities in this respect - you can find bulbs that reduce the amount of blue light and those that can be programmed according to your preferences in the Kanlux brand's offer.

Kanlux SMART - sprytne rozwiązania dla domu

© Kanlux

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sunrises and sunsets

Sunrise effect or gradual dimming of the light in the bedroom just before bedtime? Or maybe you dream of lighting in the colors of the aurora borealis in your own home? These and other effects, a variety of colors and atmospheric light scenes are created by the Philips Hue Perifo smart system that allows you to control the lighting in your interiors.

linia Philips Hue Perifo w sypialni

© Signify

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Philips Hue - Smart home starts with light

alphabet of light

Is it possible to convey a message using light? This idea inspired Bjarke Ingels and his team to develop, together with the Artemide brand, the innovative Alphabet of Light lighting system - a flexible and modular solution from which various shapes can be arranged - tailored structures for interiors with an even distribution of light.

modułowy system oświetlenia Alphabet of Light

© Artemide

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Alphabet of Light designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)
- Artemide's innovative modular lighting system

retro style

Want to spice up your interior with a retro-style accent? Check out the offer of Epic Light, a lamp manufacturer that creates original lampshades based on forms from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s! What's more, the brand uses materials such as steel, brass and Bakelite to make the lamps, and the lampshades themselves are created using traditional craftsmanship by hand spinning.

rodzina lamp Epic Light

© Epic Light

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Epic Light - retro and loft lamps

all in one place

How to choose the right one among so many possibilities? With help comes the Elmax-Lighting showroom, where you can not only find selected luminaires (also available online), professional light control systems, electrical and power accessories, but also receive tailored offers to suit your individual needs and style.

Budynek firmy Elmax w Tychach, gdzie zlokalizowany jest salon stacjonarny Elmax-Lighting

© Elmax-Lighting

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Elmax-Lighting - a wide range of lighting products for professionals

in a good light

Just as a well-thought-out lighting design creates the atmosphere of an interior, proper illumination of architecture emphasizes its qualities and co-creates the unique atmosphere of a place. Solutions for the illumination of buildings and public places are provided by the Polish company LUXAN, which offers the LED-based KWADLUX lighting system.

Sopot Centrum, Sopot, ul Kościuszki; system oświetleniowy KWADLUX w kompleksie handlowym, znajdującym się tuż przy peronie SKM


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