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A city full of emotions – building facades made of perforated metal sheets

27 of June '23

Perforated sheets for facade production.
From the series „Facade and wall materials – trends 2023”

Perforated sheets are a material that has become a hallmark of modern architecture, giving it a lightness that buildings constructed under the previous regime did not have. Suppliers of building and finishing materials have had to respond to the changing demands of investors, and some have done so in masterful style.

Elewacja z blachy perforowanej na Liceum im. Edwarda Steichena w Clervaux

The perforated metal facade on the Edward Steichen High School in Clervaux


A case in point is RMIG, the world's largest manufacturer of perforated sheets and expanded metal used in the production of modern facades. In addition to perforating sheets and producing expanded metal, the company provides additional services on them, such as sheet rolling, powder coating, anodizing, forming, cutting, etc.



More than sheet metal processing

In the 21st century, it is not enough for investors to have a component supplier produce a specific solution for them, as they expect support at every stage of the project. RMIG's answer to such specified requirements is the RMIG City Emotion concept.

Elewacja z blachy perforowanej na ścianie kina w Liverpoolu

A perforated metal facade on the wall of a cinema in Liverpool


This is comprehensive support for even the most daring architectural visions, from ideas for the use of perforated sheets, through visualization, to the production of finished elements that are easily installed thanks to a precise marking system. Thus, RMIG provides support at every stage, opening up new areas for the use of perforated sheets in urban spaces.

For more information, visit the company's RMIG Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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