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Multimateriality in ceilings - ecology and time saving

20 of March '23

Combining shapes, colors and materials on the ceiling—Knauf Ceiling Solutions. From the series „Ceilings, wall coverings—ideas and inspirations 2023”.

Combining shapes, colors and materials on the ceiling is slowly becoming a new addiction for designers. However, it is not always easy, as the choice among thousands of solutions on the market sometimes causes architects to give up. And they don't have to at all. At Knauf Ceiling Solutions they have hundreds of ideas for acoustic and designer panels made of wood wool, mineral wool, metal or wood in one place. As an added bonus, in addition to helping shape friendly acoustics, they have eco-friendly certifications, including Cradle to Cradle.

The slogan: „You can do anything” in the case of ceiling and wall solutions from Knauf Ceiling Solutions is not an advertising slogan. With one manufacturer, interior designers can choose and combine wood wool, metal, mineral, wood or wood-effect suspended panels in an unlimited way.

Architects—and not only they—love variety, but lack of time forces designers to limit their creativity. Why? Because the short timeframe for preparing a concept makes them unable to wade through the hundreds or thousands of solutions on the market and compose designs with different materials or textures. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Some manufacturers of interior materials offer such a large selection of solutions that a designer can choose a great many products in one place.

We are seeing this holistic approach more and more in conversations with architects. Since we have a specific solution in the range of our acoustic ceilings in many materials, e.g. mineral panels, metal, wood, designers are eager to take advantage of this. It saves them time and allows them to go wild with interior design," explains architect Anna Baczkowska of Knauf Ceiling Solutions Polska.

Combine vertical Baffles as you like

Since installing repetitive, modular ceilings in heavily creative interiors seems too standard, architects are reaching for other acoustic solutions for the ceiling, such as vertical Baffle panels. They can be installed evenly in a row, although arranging them in different directions gives an additional visual effect—as in the office of Slovakian company LUCRON Development in Bratislava. Mounted in the reception area, they provide user-friendly acoustics, and add an element of dynamism to the minimalist interior. Complementing the use of Baffles most often are also narrow vertical lighting points.

Pionowe panele Baffle w biurze słowackiej firmy LUCRON Development w Bratysławie

Vertical Baffle panels in the office of Slovak company LUCRON Development in Bratislava.

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Hanging acoustic elements can be irregularly shaped, making the ceiling almost wave-like. And the tile arrangement makes the ceiling no longer a boring, flat space.

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Ceilings from the Knauf Ceiling Solutions METAL Baffle and HERADESIGN Baffle lines can also be freely combined with smooth surfaces. In the Warsaw office of EY, the interior above the conference room table is filled with metal panels with an acoustic insert, which were installed inside a white plasterboard frame. A similar combination was made by architects at Kiev's ASTARTA Organic Business Center. More than 700 golden HERADESIGN panels made of natural wood wool were installed in the lobby of the organic office building, combining them with a classic gypsum wall.

Panele HERADESIGN w kijowskim ASTARTA Organic Business Centre

HERADESIGN panels in Kiev's ASTARTA Organic Business Center

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

The fully customizable solution with variable panel spacing that is Baffle by Knauf Ceiling Solutions offers the opportunity to combine materials. At Germany's Klimahause, vertical metal panels in arctic blue harmonize on the ceiling with angular lighting in wooden frames. And in another educational facility—Green Planet in Dubai—wood-effect Baffle panels have been installed above the walkways.

Panele Baffle w efekcie drewna w Green Planet w Dubaju

Baffle panels in wood effect at Green Planet in Dubai

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Islands full of possibilities

Equally many creative possibilities are offered by so-called island ceilings. These are free-hanging acoustic panels that can take any shape, size and color. Knauf Ceiling Solutions, as part of its Vario Design line, tells architects how to combine them and at the same time ensure not only the WOW effect, but also friendly acoustics.

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

In the office of the General Aviation Terminal at Zagreb Airport, intertwining islands from the SONIC line—solid mineral panels, and openwork ones made of metal MESH mesh—were installed on the ceiling. The entire arrangement is kept in grays. The type of material, the shades of the ceiling panels and the level of their suspension give an unconventional effect. Gray acoustic island panels also decorate the foyer of Warsaw's Moxy hotel.

Wyspy z linii SONIC w biurze General Aviation Terminal przy porcie lotniczym Zagrzeb

Islands from the SONIC line in the office of the General Aviation Terminal at Zagreb Airport.

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

The manufacturer gives a choice of color schemes. From classic white and regular shapes to the currently fashionable calm colors of nature.

With a bit of imagination, designers also use island ceilings as a part that refers to the relaxed character of the interior. At Atende's headquarters in a Warsaw office building, in a meeting room, round acoustic islands catch colorful balloons flying off above users' heads.

Okrągłe akustyczne wyspy w siedzibie firmy Atende w Warszawie

Round acoustic islands at Atende's Warsaw headquarters

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

The ability to combine ceiling elements with wall panels from the HERADESIGN Creative line is an additional advantage of multimateriality. It saves time for architects and costs for investors. Thanks to faster work of designers, the whole concept is created in a shorter time.

Łączenie elementów sufitu z panelami ściennymi z linii HERADESIGN Creative

Combining ceiling elements with wall panels from the HERADESIGN Creative line.

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Classic quadrilaterals in a non-classic version

Using standard modular panels on the ceiling does not have to mean boring. The well-known and cherished panels of classic 600×600 mm or 1200×600 mm rectangles are still often chosen by investors. They cover the installations running under the ceiling. Those with a high level of noise absorption—alpha in 1.00 (class A) at the same time provide very effective shaping of friendly acoustics.

The mineral panels can have any color scheme, even very dark tones as in the case of AMF THERMATEX Alpha Colour panels installed in the cinema hall.

Panele AMF THERMATEX Alpha Colour zainstalowane w sali kinowej

AMF THERMATEX Alpha Colour panels installed in a cinema room

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Color selection depending on the function and design of the interior is also possible with standard Heradesign square and rectangular wood wool panels. Investors are eagerly choosing them for educational and sports facilities. Although in swimming pools, where there is very high reverberation and noise, metal panels can also be installed—they have a special acoustic insert to absorb sound, and are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, used, among other things, in the shipbuilding industry. Just such a golden metal ceiling made of rectangular panels by Knauf Ceiling Solutions adorns a swimming pool in Uster, Switzerland.

Złoty, metalowy sufit z paneli Knauf Ceiling Solutions zdobi pływalnię w Uster w Szwajcarii

A gold metal ceiling made of Knauf Ceiling Solutions panels adorns a swimming pool in Uster, Switzerland.

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

The standard square-shaped panels can also have a decorative, openwork structure. They are then ideally suited to office interiors or restaurants, which are kept in an industrial style.

On the other hand, where architects want to opt for a warm, friendly interior with elements of brick, wood and natural materials, ceiling panels from the Wood Lay-in line are applicable.

Panele sufitowe z linii Wood Lay-in

Wood Lay-in line of ceiling panels

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

And for special tasks, such as rooms in healthcare facilities, where the highest level of hygiene is required, there are mineral and metal hygienic ceilings that meet the strictest requirements in terms of user safety. Their properties allow installation in clean rooms, such as operating rooms and laboratories. Mineral tiles with a special hygienic coating provide sound absorption at the A-class level, can be subjected to rigorous cleaning methods and counteract the proliferation of MRSA bacteria.

Płyty mineralne ze specjalną powłoką higieniczną

Mineral tiles with special hygienic coating

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

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