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Modern and functional furniture for years - furniture review from ELTAP

11 of August '22

Modern upholstered furniture from ELTAP. From the series "Furniture, accessories - trends 2022".

Upholstered furniture that is both modern and functional? These are the characteristics of the products available at ELTAP. New sofas, corner sofas or upholstered beds, which are constantly appearing in the offer, combine classic looks and interesting design with modern solutions. Everyone can find a piece of furniture that suits their character and decor, and above all the requirements of the whole family. Let's get to know the functional and innovative novelties from ELTAP.

Electric boxspring bed

What are the characteristics of an electric bed? Many modern bed models have an electric adjustment option with remote controls. This provides the ability to raise or lower the front or back of the furniture. This allows you to assume the ideal position for relaxation during the day and sleep at night. The adjustable bed frame can work with a variety of mattress options. Adjustable electric beds allow you to adjust your sleeping position for greater comfort and healthier sleep.

łóżko z materacem Blanca

Blanca bed with mattress


ELTAP already has innovative beds in its portfolio that are electrically adjustable. The Veros bed is comfort and convenience at your fingertips. Its advantage is also the bonel mattress sold together with the bed. The furniture is also equipped with an additional topper, designed to protect the main mattress and give an even greater sense of comfort. In addition, the Veros bed is available in as many as 4 sizes, so everyone can find the perfect size for their needs.

łózko Veros

Veros bed


Boxsprings with very comfortable mattresses

Blanca, Cortina and Safiro - boxsprings for special tasks. Comfort is ELTAP's middle name, so the company also offers continental beds with very comfortable mattresses. They consist of layers combining latex, highly elastic HR foam, coconut and visco and bonel foam. All this makes continental beds from ELTAP delight not only in their design, but also in their comfort.

materac Blanca

Blanca mattress


Sofas, sofas, armchairs

Leisure furniture is the most important point of any living room. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what kind of corner or sofa bed we need, because each item can offer different functionalities and advantages. Containers for bedding, spacious and comfortable sleeping functions, additional poufs in sets - these are options available among many products from the ELTAP collection. Other interesting solutions in the production of upholstered furniture for living rooms are relaxation and support functions for comfortable rest. Adjustable backrests, movable headrests, wide armrests or high-flexible HR foam - and how not to take advantage of such amenities? The Torrense sofa is one of the many sofas available from ELTAP, with all the features mentioned above. Its main purpose is to provide solace after a hard day and allow 100% relaxation at leisure.

sofa Torrense

Torrense sofa


Fabrics with "magical" properties

The type of fabric in upholstered furniture is an extremely important issue and should be considered before deciding on any piece of furniture upholstered with fabric. Among the most popular, velvets, plaids, plush and velours reign supreme. However, sometimes you need something with "magical" properties, which will be even more durable and easier to clean. Such options are especially sought by parents and owners of four-legged dogs. Kids and currant juice, or maybe a dog and a walk in the mud? Then it's worth looking at fabrics that don't absorb liquids quickly and allow you to clean easily.

Easy clean fabrics

Easy clean fabrics are materials whose composition effectively blocks the penetration of various dirt. This is all thanks to a finish based on nanoparticles, so there is no need to use chemicals when removing stubborn stains. Stains from pen, ketchup, coffee, mud or red wine can be easily removed with water or soapy water alone. Durable, high-performance stain-free technology is the hallmark of the easy clean fabrics available in the ELTAP collection. However, it is important to remember that only a quick reaction and immediate removal of the stain ensures the best clean effect.

Water repellent fabrics

Materials with water repellent properties are much more resistant to liquid absorption than other available upholstery options used in the manufacture of living room or bedroom furniture. Water repellent fabrics help keep your apartment clean, minimize the risk of staining and give your lounge furniture a longer life. They are coated with a special protective layer that creates a hydrophobic coating that prevents liquids from quickly seeping through. After contact with liquid, hydrophobic materials produce beads on the outside that can be easily removed from the surface of the material. Therefore, there is time to drain the spilled liquid with a paper towel or soft cloth. As with easy clean fabrics - do not wait too long to clean upholstery.

water repellent fabric


Pet friendly fabrics

ELTAP also cares about pets, their owners and the furniture that accompanies them in their daily lives. That's why the company also offers pet friendly fabrics to help reduce the impact of animals on leisure furniture. Pet friendly fabrics are more resistant to dirt and hair adhesion. The structure of pet friendly fabrics makes it easier to clean, prevents claws from digging in, and the unique weave makes it harder for dander to settle. The surface also helps remove pet hair that has gotten on the sofa, armchair or corner.

If you want to learn more about specialized fabrics with unique properties, visit the ELTAP blog and check out how easy it is to keep your apartment clean and tidy.

A few words about ELTAP

Upholstered furniture manufacturer ELTAP is a company that has been in business since 1993. It offers modern furniture, which for years has accompanied people in many corners of the world in their daily lives, filling the interiors of homes and apartments. The factory specializes in the production of corners, sofas, sleeper beds, boxsprings, lounge sets, armchairs and poufs. The company's buoyant growth contributes not only to the constant expansion of its customer base, but also to an increase in the assortment available at ELTAP. Chaise lounges, hardwood furniture systems or mirrors are just some of the novelties in the company's offer.

szezlong Loren

Loren chaise longue


ELTAP furniture is sold in many Polish cities. Usually these are valued furniture stores or well-known retail chains. There is also an option to buy furniture directly from the manufacturer, i.e. via However, ELTAP is a company that is expanding throughout Europe, so the brand's products can be found in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Greece, Estonia or Lithuania, among others.

ELTAP furniture is synonymous with quality and functionality.

For more information, visit the company's ELTAP Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.k. page on the PdA portal.

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