New trends in hybrid work and home office. How are furniture manufacturers responding to these changes?

22 of August '22
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Trends and changing faces of offices and office work.
From the series "Furniture, accessories - trends 2022"

March 2020 is a date that we all associate with only one event - the beginning of a pandemic. Then life changed dramatically, and both private and professional life. Companies had to adapt to the new reality, a whole lot of employees switched to home office. Now, more than two years later, the situation is somewhat different. A lot of people have gotten used to the remote mode and do not intend to give it up, but quite a few have also returned to their offices. However, their expectations have increased - after several months of working from home, they no longer intend to accede to uncomfortable chairs, unergonomic desks or poorly organized space.

System MARO

Desks from the System-eM collection


Employers want to return to offices

The Manpower Group survey shows that the percentage of companies that plan to return their employees to offices is as high as 88%. Many managers believe that completing tasks from home negatively affects the quality of teamwork and productivity, and takes away their control, while employees themselves are not at all so eager to switch back to desktop mode. According to data provided by EY Poland, more than half of them (54%) said they were ready to resign from their jobs if their current employer would not let them decide where and when they would perform their duties. This is why it is very important to make significant modifications to office spaces.

Kolekcja mebli mobilnych Wariant

Variant mobile furniture collection


How to encourage employees to return?

One thing is certain: we will not return to the pre-pandemic reality. All we can do is try to adapt to the new conditions. And the reality is that employees have permanently changed their habits, and the law itself is also evolving. In order for them to be willing to return to stationary mode, it is necessary to offer them a friendly, flexible and at the same time well-organized space, often semi-domestic. Manufacturers of office and home furniture need to respond to these changes, because we now have a different approach to the arrangement of corporate space, and the phenomenon of working from home has expanded significantly (after all, there are also a lot of people working in hybrid mode).

Biurko i stół z kolekcji Toris | Regały Fineze

Desk and table from Toris collection | Fineze bookcases


MARO desks for working from home

The modern office furniture manufacturer - Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MARO Sp. z o.o.- is constantly adapting to the dynamically changing circumstances, perfectly understanding the realities of the market and responding to the needs of customers. Offices look different today, so office furniture also needs to look different. MARO's hallmark is its attention to comfort and work efficiency. The brand's products are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, a perfect combination. No wonder - the company constantly cares about innovation and the highest quality.

Biurko StartUs-E Biurko StartUs-S

StartUs-E desk | StartUs-S desk.


Desks for home from the StartUs collection

Just take a look at the stylish dedicated desks for home from the StartUs collection: StartUs-S and StartUs-E. The main advantage of these pieces of furniture is that they can simply be closed when finished working, which is a particularly convenient solution for those who have limited space. It is very often said that there is a need to separate private and business space, but the main obstacle is small space. MARO desk eliminates this problem: folding it means the symbolic end of work and forgetting about it until the next working day. When closed, the monolithic body imitates a chest of drawers, and a wide color palette will allow it to blend in with any arrangement.

StartUs-S desk is especially aimed at owners of desktop computers, as this model allows its complete concealment, including cables. The interior of this model can be enriched with upholstered panels or accessories hung on a metal rail.

StartUs-E, on the other hand, is distinguished by electric height adjustment, thanks to which it becomes feasible to work in two positions: sitting and standing, which has a positive effect on the spine and on the circulatory and muscular systems, thus improving the user's well-being and health and affecting his efficiency.

Common areas in offices

Employers and business owners are also thinking about revitalizing their buildings so that their subordinates will want to return to stationary mode. Furniture should therefore be as ergonomic as possible and adapted to changing work patterns. A lot of people come to the office to meet with their team, to talk, to exchange thoughts, to conduct constructive brainstorming. The space is thus used for interaction and socialization. Various common areas, such as a chill-out zone (i.e. a rest and relaxation area), are becoming increasingly important. In such a place, the original Lusso tables and unconventional Fineze book cases from MARO will be ideal.

Stolik Lusso

Lusso table


Lusso tables

Lusso tables of various sizes and shapes feature original, tasteful designs, and their tops are made of polished stone, glass or metal. Customers can choose from a variety of colors to match the overall arrangement.

Fineze bookcases

Fineze bookcases, in turn, are characterized by unique, modern aesthetics, and at the same time handiness and convenience of use. Thanks to the wide range of these models, they will find use in any space, and at the same time perfectly blend into the layout of the room, becoming its unconventional complement.

Regał Fineze Regał Fineze

Lusso table | Fineze bookcases


The importance of colors and textures

We all realize that the surrounding space has a huge impact on our overall well-being, and consequently on productivity and efficiency. In line with this principle, MARO Office Furniture Factory decided to expand the color palette of its products to allow customers to choose the right colors - trendy, vibrant, allowing to build different moods. After all, colors are very significant in terms of the quality of work. However, it turns out that not only colors, but also textures. MARO's assortment also includes new fabrics used in furniture elements, melamine boards, metal parts and natural materials such as solid wood (it appeared, for example, in tops for conference tables). In addition, the biophilic trend, i.e. design based on human closeness to the natural environment, is gaining momentum. MARO has introduced products in earthy colors. Also, the structures of finishes - fabrics and boards - refer to nature and its elements.

Moodboard na bazie wzornika

Moodboard based on the template


Modern and ergonomic solutions

We have already mentioned the importance of ergonomics in furniture design. At MARO, this issue is taken into account all the time. Let's cite, for example, the functional Lano-E desks and workstations with electric height adjustment, which can be equipped with an anti-collision sensor or a remote control with a number of functions useful to the user (Bluetooth, position memory, reminder to change position, LED display). Various models (L-shaped and bench-type) allow flexibility in terms of customization and space requirements. A wide range of desks and other furniture from the MARO portfolio will be ideal for desk sharing (temporary reservation and occupation of a free desk by an employee), which is currently a strong trend observed in office spaces - as a lot of coworking spaces have appeared. Therefore, the use of ergonomic Lano-E desks together with lockers, which allow you to store your belongings and give you a substitute of privacy and your own space, in one space will allow you to arrange a modern, flexible space for many employees. Modern technologies make it possible to recognize the preferences of a given user and automatically adapt to them. This is how MARO brand furniture works.

Biurko Lano-E 300 T z elektryczną regulacją wysokości

Lano-E 300 T desk with electric height adjustment


For more information, visit the company's Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MARO Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.
Downloadable files: Design-tools MARO.

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