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Ergonomic and professional office space with Maro furniture

27 of October '20

Ergonomic and professional office space with Maro furniture

MARO Office Furniture Factory

For 30 years we have been making sure that office work is comfortable and ergonomic. Our furniture stands in the largest Polish and European companies, testifying to our professionalism and love for what we do. With a passion for creating things that are beautiful and functional, we are passionate about finding new solutions that turn ideas into a product, at an ever higher level. Using innovative technological thought, we make every effort to ensure that our products and solutions are of the highest quality. This is confirmed by ISO 9001 and Geprüfte Sicherheit certifications. This is definitely facilitated by our technology park, where world-class technologies meet under one roof.

Ario collection - don't apologize for success

The road to the top can be winding and bumpy. Most of the important business people will admit that thousands of hours of work are behind success, and the office is already their second home. So why treat it lightly? Let the place that fights for the primacy palm with the home retreat be equally beautiful, decorated with passion and great attention to detail.

In the Ario collection, prestige and design go hand in hand. Desks, display cases, conference tables are designed to make work more inspiring.

Stół konferencyjny Ario ©

Ario conference table


The extremely fashionable material polished stone has recently been reigning in the design of private and public spaces. As MARO not only wants to follow trends, but also to set them, we decided to smuggle some ideas into office interiors and dress the Ario collection in completely new clothes. Thanks to this treatment, Ario gained a unique and timeless look while fitting in with current trends. In addition to three types of sintering, which can be used, among other things, as a desk top, container lining or cabinet fronts, we can also use veneer, glass, leather and melamine board in colors matching the collection to create tailor-made compositions.

Ario cabinet desks in the refreshed version are not only beautiful, but also insanely practical. The cabinet-based model has an inductive charger, an electronic lock with remote control and a space at the back of the cabinet for running wiring invisibly. In addition, we can choose from fixed-height desks and electric desks, where we can easily adjust the height to suit our current needs. We understand that long hours at a desk can take their toll, so the adjustment range allows you to work in a standing position.

Conference tables are characterized by a multitude of combinations. Among them, you will find a version with inserts of natural leather and lacobel glass panel. Despite the attention to the aesthetics of the furniture, we have not forgotten about functionality. The possibility of placing a mediaport, cable duct and space for wiring in the leg of the table will ensure that any conference room will remain as the architect wanted it - without the chaos of unnecessary wiring.

The collection is so wide that among the display cases we can find one with a hidden refrigerator, a retractable TV, and even an electric lift for easy access to the coffee machine and china.

With our cabinet furniture, we want to emphasize your value in the market.

Don't apologize for your success - allow yourself to show it to the world.

Reception counters - the business card of your company

The reception desk is one of the first places where a customer begins his contact with a company, so it should show professionalism and inspire trust.

The centerpiece of any reception area is, of course, the counter. It is important to place it so that it properly performs its representative function. The size of the counter should be chosen according to the size of the room. There are no rigid rules, but it is good to leave some free space to ensure a comfortable circulation path.

Lada Sinto © MARO

Sinto counter


The positioning and size of the counter in a room should be adjusted to emphasize all its qualities. The compact Sinto counter will be perfect for smaller service establishments, although with its light, timeless and geometric form it will fit into any interior. On the other hand, Vero or Nivero counters, due to their wider range of available sizes, will work well in large hotel or corporate spaces.

When designing a reception desk, it is essential to remember the functional aspect. First and foremost, it is a workplace, so it is important to expand the counter with a place to store documents or office supplies. The solution will be a compact Nivero counter with built-in spacious cabinets and shelves. They are designed to significantly streamline work and organize the space around it. Such a solution is space-saving and neat appearance of the room. To emphasize the stylishness of the reception desk, the counter must be characterized by high quality materials and impeccable workmanship. Taking into account the above features when designing, we can increase the comfort of work, but also give prestige to the room itself.

A good reception desk design should be complemented by appropriately selected accessories, such as company logos, greenery or paintings, reflecting the character of the company.

Visiting customers should feel that they are dealing with a trustworthy company. This is influenced not only by adequate service, but also by a properly arranged welcome area, consistent with the rest of the room.

Variant collection - an office tailored to your needs

Nowadays, a modern office is a flexible space, providing room for meetings, individual and group work. Employees need to work faster and think outside the box.

Responding to market needs, together with designers from the University of Arts in Poznań - Kornelia Janowska and Dzianis Pilipuk, we have prepared a complete novelty - the Variant collection. It is based on ergonomics, mobility and facilitates teamwork. When designing it, we put emphasis on human interaction. The office space should follow the dynamic work of the team, respond to the needs of group and individual work. Free movement of employees around the office while completing tasks acts as a stimulant and promotes creativity, adapting to the different nature of work and helping to develop the potential of employees.

Kolekcja Wariant © MARO

Variant Collection


The second biggest inspiration for our new furniture was the human being, and how he or she functions in the office space on a daily basis. Sitting at a desk for hours at a time is not conducive to staying fit and, as a result, worsens concentration. The Variant collection, supports the use of movement in the work environment. Movement reduces stress levels during the day, but also allows furniture to fit into increasingly smaller office spaces, taking full advantage of all the functions of a traditional office, while maintaining a much smaller footprint. We can save up to 20% of office space.

A big advantage of Variant is the multitude of configurations of individual elements, so as to best suit the customer's needs. The collection is characterized by a lightweight design, and casters allow easy rearrangement of the furniture layout multiple times a day. Thanks to the mobility, we can instantly respond to the need to change the office space, which functions in accordance with the agile workplace methodology.

The option also responds to the needs of users working from home. For a large number of people, remote work is a novelty - many of us, have not performed our duties in this way. To be effective, working from home should be well-organized and not interfere with the space of family life. These elements will be provided by the Variant collection. When work is finished, we can separate the office space from the home with a single movement - by turning the desk with a high built-in. In turn, a compact desk with a tilting top will allow us to hide the home office whenever needed.

For more information, visit the company's Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MARO Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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