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Furniture Variant - create the right office space

29 of November '22

Agile system at work - use Variant furniture to create the right office space

In order to make work in the office as efficient as possible, traditional methods are often abandoned and modern tactics are introduced in their place. One of these is the so-called agile approach, or Agile, which - unlike the cascading approach - puts people and interactions above processes and tools. It's also based on the idea that the goal comes first, and getting there requires flexibility.

Agile, therefore, allows changes to be made during project execution, thus rejecting an overall, closed roadmap. As for the employees themselves, specific activities are performed by small, self-organized teams that enjoy a high degree of autonomy. For such a mode of work, the right space is needed, allowing high mobility, dynamism and the previously mentioned flexibility. In this model, furniture from the Variant collection from MARO will be ideal.

Od lewej: Mobilna ścianka akustyczna, miejsce spotkań Wariant, biurko kompaktowe Wariant ze składanym blatem, tablicą do pisania oraz elektryczną regulacją wysokości.

From left: Mobile acoustic wall, Variant meeting space, Variant compact desk with folding top, writing board and electric height adjustment.


Modern offices

Ergonomic furniture from the Variant line fits perfectly with the ideas behind the innovative offices of the future, based on greater independence that fosters creativity and productivity. The Agile system is based on close cooperation between team members, so the company cannot lack common spaces where they will exchange knowledge and ideas. Cooperation increases commitment, and individual teams are constantly evolving, trying to learn lessons and adapt to changing requirements. This approach also assumes that the best, most effective form of communication is face-to-face conversation, so employees should be provided with properly designed meeting spaces. What kind of furniture should they include? First and foremost, those that allow free movement.

Od lewej: Biurko Wariant z wysoką zabudową i eklektyczną regulacją wysokości, biurko kompaktowe Wariant z pneumatyczną regulacją wysokości, ze składanym blatem oraz powierzchnią do pisania, garderoba Wariant

From left: Variant desk with a high built-in and eclectic height adjustment, Variant compact desk with pneumatic height adjustment, with folding top and writing surface, Variant dressing table


Furniture from the Variant collection

In an office adapted to the Agile system, it is worth placing ergonomic Variant furniture in a mobile version, i.e. models with locking casters: desks, modular cabinets, conference tables or walls. They allow you to quickly rearrange the space if necessary. At MARO you'll find both high and low desks, in addition to a height-adjustable compact desk. Each of them was designed based on observation of the work of various teams, with a view to its efficiency and productivity. The mobile wall, on the other hand, creates a myriad of possibilities, such as brainstorming (writing ideas in slogans on a dry-erase board) or pinning notes when an employee comes up with a concept.

Od lewej: Mobilne ścianki akustyczne, ścianka akustyczna Wariant, biurka Wariant z wysoką zabudową oraz z elektryczną regulacją wysokości

From left: mobile acoustic walls, Variant acoustic wall, Variant desks with high top and electric height adjustment


For more information, visit the company's Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MARO Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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