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Simon 100 series - design at an attractive price. Ready-made sets for various rooms!

29 of November '22

Simon 100 series - saving without compromising!

Currently, the appearance of something as normal as a light switch is not put in the first place. More important than the need to satisfy our tastes is the need to save money - our expenses and energy. However, savings rarely go hand in hand with attractive design. At Kontakt-Simon we have tried to meet this challenge and create a product that meets both criteria in the Simon 100 series.

Simon 100 series
- Aesthetics, ergonomics, economy!

Making life easier and meeting the needs of end users was our goal when creating the Simon 100 series. With ready-made sets, we suggest what you will need to connect your home theater or what to install next to your bed. The bedroom set includes a plug socket, dimmer and USB charger, while we've stocked the multimedia set with HDMI, USB, TV, RJ45 and plug sockets. And all this within a single, smooth form - without any intersecting lines. More aesthetically pleasing and easier to maintain! But the Simon 100 series is distinguished not only by its appearance. Control of temperature, light intensity, remote control - all this allows us to take care of the environment, as well as the thickness of our wallet.

Gniazdo zasilające z podwójną ładowarką USB (Simon 100)

Power socket with dual USB charger (Simon 100)

© Kontakt Simon

Economy and functionality

TheSimon 100 series has a range of controls, including a dimmer with an illuminated light intensity indicator that is visible when touched. With just a gentle movement of your finger, you can adjust the lighting level to suit your needs. You can give any character to your interior, adjust the intensity of the light based on its natural levels or create the atmosphere you need at the moment. By choosing the right dimmer , we have the ability to control LED strips, incandescent and 1-10V ceiling lights, or DALI lighting. However, in addition to changing the character of the interior, the main advantage of controlling lighting is to reduce energy consumption and improve the level of comfort.

Gniazdo zasilające (Simon 100)

Power socket (Simon 100)

© Kontakt Simon

A roller shutter controller, available as part of the Simon 100 series, allows you to control roller shutters or blinds in your home. There are two options: control with the main switch or control each blind individually. Various functions can also be modified from the app, such as setting the time to raise and lower the blinds, grouping blinds, and designing and controlling scenarios.

With Simon 100 temperature controllers, we are able to control the heating system, whether it is central heating, a zone-controlled furnace or underfloor heating. Control can be done both from inside the house and from outside. By customizing the controller to suit our needs, we can connect to it from anywhere at any time, as well as set the minimum and maximum temperature, which generates further savings. Temperature control has never been so easy!

Gniazdo zasilające z ładowarką USB (Simon 100)

Power socket with USB charger (Simon 100)

© Kontakt Simon

Easy installation

Ready-made sets prepared specifically for a given room, as well as those self-assembled, are installed quickly and efficiently in a freshly prepared installation, as well as in an existing one. The construction of the back of the mechanism is designed to ensure that the installation is carried out safely. In the case of multiple frames, one integrated bridge solves the problem of uneven installation of multiple mechanisms. Simply attach it to the wall and later, with a click, install the selected mechanisms and frames. You don't even need to insulate the wire. Just slide it into the appropriate terminal and make a click. It's easy!

Gniazdo zasilające z ładowarką USB (Simon 100)

Power socket with USB charger (Simon 100)

© Kontakt Simon

Remote control

Simon 100 tops the first series that allows integration with the Simon iO system. With the Hub Pro iO control panel, you can connect iO devices and manage them freely from a dedicated application. In the case of a roller shutter controller, you just need to replace a standard Simon 100 key with an electronic key with an antenna and control roller shutters from the application level. From now on, there are no obstacles to control roller shutters from anywhere in the world. This is one of the easiest installations! What about the other sockets and switches? Just replace them with electronic ones to make your house a smart home. Just one click on your phone and you can manage your entire home. Sound interesting? Moreover, this is another argument for generating savings by installing the Simon 100 series. No more iron left haphazardly while you are away. Never again will a light bulb be lit while you're on vacation - unless a pre-designed schedule is designed to simulate the presence of household members.

Ściemniacz (Simon 100)

Dimmer switch (Simon 100)

© Kontakt Simon

As you can see, the Simon 100 series from Kontakt-Simon allows for many conveniences and saves electricity and therefore money. It is at the same time an eye-catching line of fixtures in two color variants and with two types of finish - gloss and matte. The arrangement of fixtures (switches, sockets, etc.) of the Simon 100 series in multiple frames is more intuitive and easier to remember. On the other hand, the size of the keys and the possibility of arranging multiple frames both horizontally and vertically save space on the wall. With its minimalist design, the line will fit perfectly into contemporary interiors.

For more information, visit the company's Kontakt-Simon page on the PdA portal.

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