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Borg steel halls - the right partner counts

30 of November '22

Borga Sp. z o.o. has been present on the market for 50 years. Much has changed during this time in the details of the halls offered and functional solutions. Nowadays, with a saturated market and easy access to information, high competence, an experienced team, repeatable high quality and certainty of meeting deadlines are key. What does not change is the need to support investors at the investment preparation stage.

Nieizolowana ujeżdżalnia konna

Uninsulated horse riding arena


Borga steel halls

The questions we receive at our first meetings should be asked much earlier, at the initial conceptual stage. Clients need support in such areas as:

  • the search for a plot of land for the construction of a hall, its features affecting the dimensions of the building and the type of activity,
  • the type and dimensions of the hall that can be erected on the plot they have,
  • to guide you through the conceptual and organizational process (industry agreements, permits, etc.).

Hala produkcyjno-biurowa z w technologii mieszanej – stalowej i tradycyjnej

Production and office hall with mixed technology - steel and traditional


For the average investor, the role of the architect in carrying out the construction process in an orderly manner, from the concept stage to the acceptance of a properly designed hall, is still not fully understood. Especially since in many cases the construction of a hall is the first experience of its kind for him. At Borga, we know that good cooperation with the architect in charge of the investment and the suppliers responsible for the various industries (including the steel industry) ultimately affects the customer's satisfaction and willingness to recommend the people and companies that provided him with professional support.

We work with architects to provide our investors with knowledge and support. We also often recommend the services of architects with whom we have already worked when a client asks us for a recommendation.

Hala logistyczna dla firmy kurierskiej

Logistics hall for a courier company


The right partner counts

Many companies offering steel halls on the Polish market call themselves manufacturers. The truth is that only a small percentage of them actually produce both the wall cladding and roofing, the galvanized profiles of the secondary structure and the main structure - the steel frames.

Another element that distinguishes companies with which to enter into million-dollar investments is their share capital. Borga, with this capital of 26 million zlotys, is a reliable partner for both prosperous times and hard times.

Witryny hali produkcyjnej z przestrzeniami biurowymi

Shop windows of a production hall with office spaces


Lifetime warranty for the hall

We are confident in our product thanks to the continuous development of our building system by our R&D department. We have reached the stage where we can give our customers a STEEL WARRANTY - a lifetime guarantee on a steel hall. By giving a standard 5-year warranty, subject to warranty inspections, adherence to guidelines and ongoing maintenance, we are able to extend the warranty for many more years.

GWARANCJA ZE STALI, dożywotnia gwarancja na halę stalową

STEEL GUARANTEE, a lifetime warranty for a steel hall


For more information, visit the company's Borga Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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