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Infinitive moments - timeless character of handmade lamps with high aesthetics

01 of December '22

In the pursuit of trends and constant change, in the maze of mass-produced products, we often fail to notice that true beauty lies in human capabilities. Polish brand 4concepts caters to those who appreciate the timelessness of handmade products with high aesthetics, offering decorative floor, table and pendant lamps made of hand-formed glass.

Infinite Moments

4concepts lamps are a combination of long experience in glassmaking, a passion for glass, its structure and depth and, importantly, the increasingly rare craftsmanship of metallurgy, allowing the production of glass lamp bases as high as 1.3 meters.

Berlin Navy z dekoracyjnym chwostem

Berlin Navy with a decorative tang


Classic and Prestige lines

4concepts offers two unique collections of glass table, floor and pendant lamps - the Classic line, characterized by minimalist, subtle forms, and Prestige - a series of exceptionally sizable lamps dedicated to connoisseurs of timeless yet unusual design, enriched with hand-made ornamentation.

NOWOŚĆ. Siena Brown z abażurem z limitowanej kolekcji

NEW. Siena Brown with a lampshade from the limited collection


The brand's new collection proves once again that the mature design from under the hand of Jaroslaw Stępniak - chief designer and co-founder of 4concepts - does not just draw on trends, but stands out above all for its timelessness and sophistication. Inspired by the colors of the earth, bathed in browns and beiges, the autumn collection of floor and table lamps draws on natural materials such as 100% linen, bringing a subtle breath of nature into the interior with a touch of refined elegance.

Tivoli Gold w wersji personalizowanej

Tivoli Gold in personalized version


However, timelessness does not have to mean boring. 4concepts inspires you to play with form and color, offering to choose a lampshade of shape, material and pattern tailored to individual preferences, while allowing you to create lamps that best reflect the character of their owners.

Siena Transparent z abażurem z piór (kolekcja limitowana)

Siena Transparent with feather lampshade (limited collection)


The guiding principle of the brand, which has already managed to impress the Spanish royal family with its designs, is to create a unique atmosphere in interiors and accompany lamp owners in countless priceless moments of domestic life.

NOWOŚĆ. Siena Grey Matt z matowego szkła

NEW. Siena Grey Matt with frosted glass


For the full range of Classic and Prestige series lamps, visit the brand's website at

For more information, visit the company's 4concepts page on the PdA portal.

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