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The beauty of a simple form - CONTACT - SIMON 55

09 of December '23

The functionality of our apartments consists of the functionality of its individual elements - the most diverse details, which together form a network of thoughtful connections. In a modern world full of technology, we want the space closest to us to be "smart" as well. And at the same time, for it to retain its soul: to be personal, unique, in other words - "ours". The Simon 55 collection meets these needs.

Beauty is hidden in the details. Architects, designers and stylists know this, as well as anyone who has faced the task of finishing interiors at least once. Such details, often forgotten when thinking about the design of a home space, are elements of basic infrastructure, without which, after all, we cannot imagine daily functioning, such as contacts or switches. In this case, we focus on practicality, ergonomics and workmanship, leaving design in the background. The Simon 55 series from Kontakt-Simon is an example that modern technology and aesthetics can go hand in hand.

Podwójne modułowe gniazdo IP44 (Simon 55 Line w kolorze czarny mat)

IP44 double modular outlet (Simon 55 Line in matte black)


Useful features

The concept of the Simon 55 Collection is based on the idea of an intelligent living space, created through the use of modern technologies. Intelligent, meaning functional, economical and ecological at the same time. One of the aspects that distinguishes the series are practical, intuitive methods of controlling energy consumption, such as sensors that detect movement or dimmers that allow for graded lighting levels. An extremely useful option is also the ability to control the devices with a smartphone. With a dedicated mobile app, you can remotely manage lighting, blinds, awnings and many other devices in the house.

The built-in scheduling function allows you to automatically adjust lighting and close blinds and awnings according to sunrise and sunset, regardless of the season. These solutions not only help save energy, but also increase security. With the ability to remotely control, exterior blinds can be closed from anywhere, providing additional security for the home.

Łącznik schodowy z podświetlonym piktogramem oraz doczepionym wieszakiem (Simon 55 Line)

Stair switch with illuminated pictogram and attached hanger (Simon 55 Line)


USB charging

Traditional chargers can become a thing of the past! In the Simon 55 collection, a charger with a USB socket has been integrated into the power panel. As a result, you can forget about looking for the charger, which is always in its place from now on. Just use the dual USB charger outlet to supply power to your smartphone, smartwatch or other mobile device. At the same time, you can use the power outlet. By using a dual USB charger outlet, you gain the ability to charge two additional devices from a single electrical point.

Oprawa oświetleniowa z czujnikiem ruchu oraz gniazdo zasilające (Simon 55 Line w kolorze czarny mat)

Lighting fixture with motion sensor and power outlet (Simon 55 Line in matte black)


Motion sensors

Specially designed luminaires of the Simon 55 series with built-in motion sensors allow you to illuminate stairs, lockers, corridors when needed. This saves energy and also makes life easier. When getting up at night to go to the bathroom, or walking up the stairs, the lighting turns on automatically.

Keyboard dimmer

Light also builds the atmosphere in the interior. The dimmer used in the Simon 55 series allows us to adjust its intensity to individual needs. This allows us to create different lighting scenarios. Leave the maximum power or dim it, creating a more intimate mood for relaxing or putting a child to sleep.

Gniazdo z podwójną ładowarka USB typu A oraz gniazdo wtyczkowe pojedyncze z uziemieniem (Simon 55 Nature - ramka szkło mrożone czarne)

Socket with double USB charger type A and single plug socket with grounding (Simon 55 Nature - frame frosted black glass)


Practical accessories

In addition to its aesthetic appearance and modern functionality, the Simon 55 series has additional accessories for Simon 55 Line frames that will make our daily life easier. A practical telephone stand or a hanger for keys or other items that should always be at hand. Thanks to the hooks mounted to the switch, we can hang up, for example, a jacket or a dog leash immediately after entering the house and turning on the light. Descriptive signs can also be useful, on which we can include additional outlet signage, logos, etc. Signatures above the frames will certainly make it easier to recognize which switch is responsible for what, especially when you have several of them next to each other in the living room, for example.

Design always at hand

However, wiring accessories are no longer just infrastructure dictated by functionality, but also an important element of interior design and a discreet detail that complements the decor. That's why the Simon 55 series includes three design lines of frames for various stylistic combinations. The first is characterized by a minimalist, clean form and an elegant finish, in the second a decorative base provides a compositional contrast, while the third is distinguished by original materials such as wood, glass and metal. This variety of textures and a wide range of colors means that accessories from the Simon 55 collection can be an eye-catching design accent for any interior, but also a discreetly hidden decoration. It all depends on our needs and preferences.

Łącznik podwójny oraz ładowarka USB typu C+A (Simon 55 Nature - ramka szkło mrożone szare)

Double switch and USB charger type C+A (Simon 55 Nature - frame frosted gray glass)


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