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Maro acoustic furniture and accessories - how to solve the problem of noise in offices?

06 of December '23

MARO office furniture factory offer - the answer to noise problems

There are a number of possible solutions to reduce noise levels in the office. In addition to separating so-called "quiet zones", it will also be effective to equip rooms with acoustic furniture and accessories. There are many types of such furniture, and several of them can be found in the offer of office furniture manufacturer MARO.

Od lewej: System paneli akustycznych absorbujących i rozpraszających dźwięki CubiSound, biurko kompaktowe Wariant z pneumatyczną regulacją wysokości, ze składanym blatem oraz powierzchnią do pisania

From left: CubiSound system of acoustic panels that absorb and disperse sound, Variant compact desk with pneumatic height adjustment, with folding top and writing surface


Today, there is an increasing emphasis on making offices acoustically appropriate for employees. Office furniture manufacturers are aware of this, so they are introducing modern acoustic solutions into their offerings. Noise negatively affects the health and productivity of employees, so it is important to provide them with the right conditions for work. It is worth considering what acoustic solutions will be suitable for our office already at the design stage, which will save a lot of costs in the future.

Modułowy system ściennych paneli akustycznych - AcuPro

Modular acoustic wall panel system - AcuPro


Cooperation with a world-class designer

These collections were created in cooperation with Studio Rygalik, which represents and promotes a conscious way of thinking about design. The activity is focused on designing against the challenges of modern times. Acting for sustainable development, responsible consumption of material goods and resources of our planet. Office furniture created through this cooperation is characterized not only by high functionality, but also by extraordinary design. It is important to use our planet's resources responsibly, so when designing the panels, the focus was not only on acoustic and stylistic aspects, but also on ecology. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and use as many recycled materials as possible, the panels were filled with recycled cast foam and poros. MARO also offers 100% recycled materials. These are primarily a selection of fabrics with which we can upholster individual panels.

Od lewej: Biurko K-eM Space Mobile, Akustyczny system aranżacji przestrzeni ConScape, Sofa z zabudową akustyczną SafeSpot

From left: K-eM Space Mobile desk, ConScape acoustic space arrangement system, SafeSpot acoustic built-in sofa


Wide range of products

MARO Office Furniture Factory has added CubiSound acoustic wall and ceiling panels, AcuPro modular wall panel system, as well as furniture that helps separate meeting or work space, i.e. SafeSpot upholstered sofas and ConScape acoustic space arrangement system. The new product line is rounded off by free-standing partitions made of upholstered segments, or AcuStixx. All collections are distinguished by the common denominator of modularity and adaptability to the user. MARO plans to further develop this part of its offering by listening to customer needs and the dynamic growth of the office furniture market.

Od lewej: Modułowy system przegród wolnostojących AcuStixx, modułowy system ściennych paneli akustycznych AcuPro

From left: AcuStixx modular free-standing partition system, AcuPro modular acoustic wall panel system


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