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Designing a barrier-free space - HEWI bathroom system solutions

27 of October '20

HEWI system solutions - design pro publico bono

Contemporary interior design and arrangement is not limited to the use of great materials, minimalist form, or multifunctionality of furnishings. The function and form of designed spaces must meet more and more standards and assumptions. One of the most important is the creation of barrier-free spaces.

System 900 | Many possibilities

For HEWI, good design also means guaranteeing a variety of options. The 900 system is available in chrome, stainless steel and powder-coated with a deep matte surface (in white, gray or black). This year we additionally introduced larger dispensers and dispensers for public toilets (finish: brushed steel or matte colors). We offer soap and disinfectant disp ensers in different variants (sensory / manual products), but they can always be easily filled with commercially available cleaning products. The use of top-grade materials and their careful processing results in the exceptional, durable quality of System 900.

Professional Care | Developed by experts in barrier-free design

Barrier-free sanitary rooms place high demands on planning and furnishing. HEWI has decades of experience and designs innovative products in the spirit of universal design. Product functions are also perfectly matched to the application area. By integrating functions, surfaces with few joints are created, and they are made from as few components as possible - hygiene is a decisive factor in this area. Thus, for example, the support console of the hanging seat is recessed compactly into the seating surface.

The900 series in the Care area, is designed to best support patient independence and safety. As a result, there is much less involvement of the care staff. The 900 system makes it possible to arrange a bathroom optimally suited to each user's needs and well-being. The mobile variants are mounted and dismounted particularly easily. They are simply clipped into the permanently installed mounting platform without the use of tools and secured with a pressure screw. If such support is no longer needed, the shower seat (or folding handrail), can be quickly removed by loosening the screw. The mounting plate is covered with a subtle cap.

Design assistance

HEWI offers a free design serviceconsisting of advice, equipment lists and designs in accordance with standards and the investor's individual needs. Depending on the type of facility (hotel, hospital, nursing home, office building or public facility), dedicated solutions will be proposed from the areas of: adaptations for people with disabilities, bathroom accessories and door hardware in various material finishes.

For more information, visit the company's HEWI Polska page on the A&B portal.

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